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Welcome Mighty Ones.

The Right-Brain Geek podcast is here to show you how you can

feel good and look good in your business.

In the podcast, to inspire you, creative and purpose-driven solopreneur,

I invite people who

  • overcame challenges,
  • who stand for their values in business and/or make them part of their business, or
  • who have integrated self-care in their biz.

I also share in solo episodes my own thoughts and experiences.

With every episode, I hope you can get inspired

to have a business that feels good, is profitable and aligned with your values.

You can feel good, look good and be safe in your business.

You are your main asset. Be gentle with yourself.

Create your business that it feels like your favorite outfit, lift you up instead of draining you down.

You’re not on your own to decipher this new world of tech and business.

I’m here to support you.

Listen to the latest episodes below.

hi I'm Pascale, your host on the podcast.. 

My aim in life is being useful and

bring strength and support to people who need them.

My manifesto

- My values -

Business should be wholesome: bringing healthy profits without damaging your health or sanity.
You are your main asset. Embrace your strength. Honour your story & wounds. Always learn and aim to grow.
You need to fill your own tank. You can’t run on empty. You can’t be creative or do good work when you are exhausted. Self-care, routines, apps and automation are all part of what can help you to keep your energy and sanity.
Hugs are often the best medecine.
Never judge someone’s situation. Life is hard. You never know what battle they are in. Respect every body’s pain.
Learning is crucial. I can’t imagine my life without opportunity to grow.

Love and kindness CAN be part of the boardroom. Sharing, kindness, patience and fun should be part of your business.

- How I can help you -

I love diving in tech problems and learning. That tickles my brain and makes me feel alive.

I love brainstorming, solving problems, looking for solutions. It’s exciting. Like being Sherlock Holmes. Without the pipe. I don’t smoke.

I’m resilient and learnt how to bounce back, find work-arounds around problems. I remind myself to keep that state of mind every day.

I swap tech-fear & dread for fun & empowerment. My clients reclaim ownership of their digital home (aka website).

I’m not afraid of being silly with quirky comparisons to people understand what they need to do.