You have all the creative ideas, the intuition, the cards and crystals to navigate your life and business.

You know you need tech but you can't bear it.  You feel limited in what you can do and offer your clients.
Forget feeling stuck: with my help, you can focus on your clients and get momentum going in your business.

The Right-brain geek is here to tech you up, structure your ideas and deal with the details.

Hi I'm Pascale, a right-brain geek and resilient little bugger, I’m a tech VA and the host of the Right-Brain Geek podcast.

I take the fear and “WTF should I do” out of tech and systems for people who are starting online or whose brain is better at creating than putting things in order.

I want to change the way you see tech.
It's not your Nemesis, but the Robin to your Batman and it's part of a business self-care plan.

Pascale was the key tech person I reached out to when I was starting my online business. She is very skilled, friendly and patient when it comes to assisting a big picture visionary like myself solve important technical obstales that were in my way. Over time Pascale became my trusted go to person when it comes to tech. I call her my tech fairy.

Disa Dalberg

Mindset Coach for Ambitious Women

A right-brain geek in your ear

who is the right-brain geek?

hello mighty one,

Geeky multipassionate (tech VA and film make-up artist - I know, I'm an odd mix ha!), I love all things apps, systems & removing frictions in people's life (and puns. oh puns...  )

Expect a cartoon face and a hint of Frenchglism. 
 (I'm French but lived 10 years in London... This explains that.)

I'm a tech facilitator.
If you have been hanging out with me on social media, or heard me on a podcast, you know I love brainstorming, finding the right solution for you, finding what is YOU and helping you infuse your site and online presence with it. 
Not the copy per se. Because, see above... Frenchglisms...

I can teach, guide or do techy things for you.

I am the host of the Right-Brain Geek podcast, talking about building a business that feels like your favourite outfit.

the blog

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