Build a business that feels like your favourite outfit

If you are tired of fighting against your tech, tired of going from one tutorial to another and yet not being able to do JUST THE THING you need for your business, you're in the right place. 
What Working together can look like

I help you understand Tech & Business in plain English with a dusting of silliness on top.

I take your experience and business really seriously. Myself? not so much.

Get to know me via my podcasts, read the blog or come hang out on social media.

who is the right-brain geek?

hello mighty one,

Geeky multipassionate (tech VA and film make-up artist - I know, I'm an odd mix ha!), I love all things apps, systems & removing frictions in people's life (and puns... oh puns...  )

I teach tech to people who don't like tech, with my cartoon faces and a hint of Frenchglism (French who lived 10 years in London... This explains that.)

I am  the host of the Right-Brain Geek podcast, talking about building a business that feels like your favourite outfit.

A right-brain geek in your ear

The original Right-BRain geek podcast

Pascale’s relaxed warm manner immediately puts one at ease .
As someone who easily gets overwhelmed by the technical side of my website, her natural sense of humour makes learning very easy. Whether a session is done via whatsapp or Skype, Pascale is able to guide one in a very visual way which was perfect for the way I personally learn. After the lesson, I had visuals of the work we were doing combined with easy to read explanations sent to me.

I found myself creating Paypal buttons all on my own, feeling such ease that I found myself singing along to the radio while doing them. I definitely left the session feeling like the task was easily doable.

rozanne Henry


the blog

April 20, 2019
Starting a podcast. Tips & tools.

Podcasting is very trendy now. It's very powerful, it helps create beautiful connections but it's easy to make a few mistakes, waste time or miss out on opportunities. I have made a few mistakes when I created one or seen others do. I'd rather you wouldn't do the same so here's what I learned launching […]

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January 14, 2019
How to modify the menu in WordPress

Are you making full use of WordPress menu's options? ⠀ It's one thing people underuse a lot. ⠀ Just go to APPEARANCE >> MENU >> CUSTOM LINK.⠀ ⠀   You can also reorder pages or rename the title so that long titles don't clutter your WordPress menu. Small tip, big freedom.

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January 1, 2019
40 - Let's create your very own User Manual.

This is the first episode of the right brain geek podcast for  2019. It's a really hands on episode. You may want to star or bookmark  this  episode depending where you are listening.  Listen once, let it soak and come back to it with pen and paper, a bit of time to answer the questions and start building your […]

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December 22, 2018
39 - Disa Dalberg

Ep 39 - Disa Dalberg. From small actions to big adventures First guest of season 3 and last episode of the year. We talk about perfectionism, taking action every day, however small, to get out of that place where trauma keeps you stuck and the beauty of showing up, genuinely, to connect. @disadalberg also gives […]

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