March 10, 2016

Ep0 - What is this about

Welcome to episode 0.

[The first episodes of The Right-Brain geek podcasts were called Roots for creativity. ]

ep 000

In this episode, I explain what the podcast will talk about and what the podcast tagline will mean for you.

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This is episode 0.

Episode 0 ? Yeaaah. Zero because I'm just explaining today what the podcast is about and who I am. So I’m Pascale, I’m French, that would explain the little Frenglish that may happen on this podcast (sorry about that) .I live in London, I’m a make-up artist (don’t expect though too much make-up chat on this podcast though because all I want to talk about in this podcast is about creativity, systems, tools and self care. (And apps). And Breathing. Lots of breathing.

Why ? Because over the years, being surrounded by creative people, I have realised that I have a few superpowers that come handy : I can translate from Geek to English easily, I love hunting for great resources, I am really good at finding solutions to limitations and I want to share all this with you.

So back to the podcast.

Roots for creativity. Breathe. Reset. Thrive.


. 1st Because we all run. We run for work. We run through a never ending to do list. It’s hard. We don’t take a slow pace anymore. It’s always run run run.

I’ve realised the last few years that just taking 2 seconds, making a pause, taking a deep breath, makes everything better. It makes everything easier. So I will invite you to take a deep breathe and I really really hope you are going to join me for that moment. Because you will see how this tiny habit can make a difference.


Because I really really want you to reset your mindset. I want you to think that tech is actually friendly, that you can embrace it. I want you to embrace all the goodness you can find on the Internet, all the systems. You may think “oh no, I’m right-brain, systems are not for me or I hate routines. I hope I’ll make you change your mind about it. Rituals are amazing, systems will support you and help you create much more.

I’ll have lots of people coming to talk about their field, people who really know their stuff, they’ll be able to help you out understand what public relation is, what good accounting is, what is their routines for success in their creative work, how you can heal your relationship with money, how money is nothing and is everything for your creative business. Lots of different guests, some solo episodes, lots of different subjects, all for helping you create, enjoy your business and thrive.

Yes. it’s the 3rd point.


Because You want to create and Thrive. You want to be happy, feel joy at the end of the day, not burnt out. Feeling stressed out, seeing you don’t have the money that goes with a thriving business.

Creativity is fruitful, is healthy. It should bring you up, not down. Feeling lonely, stressed out, miserable, not able to enjoy the company of your loved ones because the hard side of the business is eating at you.

That’s what we are going to be talking about in the podcast. Please subscribe to the podcast, go on Itunes or Stitcher, you can look for Roots for creativity and click on the subscribe button.

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Thank you so much for giving me a bit your day, I really appreciate. Have a great week.


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