March 17, 2016

Ep3 - Mindset for list building & Mailchimp highlights

[sorry, a bit of swearing on this episode. 😛 I let a B*lls*t go through.]

[The Right-Brain geek podcast was called Roots for creativity podcast in the first episodes. ]

In this week's episode, I talk about the 1st step when you set-up the online side of business.

List building

List Building Mindset, Mailchimp & Chimpessentials

Even before setting up your website, you need to set-up a way to start a conversation with potential clients and your audience. That's done through building a list.

You collect emails, you start a conversation. That's the mindset for list building that will build raving fans.

Week after week, your audience start to know you and build love and trust for you and the business. I am talking about one provider in particular but also what mindset you need when you create your account, with any provider.


A good tool when you start is Mailchimp.(read the full article before creating your account with Mailchimp, there's a surprise at the end) It's free up to 2000 persons on your list and the cheaper option is $10, with quite a bit of power in for such a price. In the podcast, I talk about Paul Jarvis new course, Chimpessentials. Paul is a fab web designer, he's great at creating courses that really deliver values.

chimpessentials-logoIn the podcast, I talk about Paul Jarvis new course, *Chimpessentials [affiliate link]. Paul is a fab web designer, he's great at creating courses that really deliver values. If you want to really get the most out of your buck and out of MailChimp, take his course, it closes registration on the 31st of March. (he may do it again but he wants to keep it current so he'll make sure the course takes in consideration the latest change in Mailchimp. He's like that. All about honesty and value.)

*Chimpessentials  include free lessons and if you take the course, you get the 3 first months free through his affiliate link.

Here are a few screenshots if you are not sure about what I talk about in the podcast regarding the welcome page and emails.


You can subscribe to my list below and take a moment to check the various steps of the process. Be mindful about the process every time you subscribe to someone: write down and save the ones you like, observe why you like them better, observe the ones that feel more bland.


(the * means it's an affiliate link. I only list products I truly recommend from the bottom of my heart because either I use myself the product or I have done extensive research)

  • *Chimpessentials
  • Paul's Creative Class (really helpful for anyone doing design, copywriting, coaching, any services based work.)
  • Aweber (not as design friendly compared to Mailchimp)
  • Convertkit (great when you want to sell various digital products and want to work a lot via funnels)
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