January 21, 2017

Ep10 - Baby steps for big change

Last year, Danielle Laporte & GaryVee saved my life. Sounds like an old song doesn't it!

I was feeling lower than low and their words kept me afloat. OBVIOUSLY,  I've also used my Book of me as Havi Brooks inspired to create one for myself (I wish you get inspired to create one for yourself too).

Let me tell you about it in this episode.


image for episode 10 Baby steps for big changes

Today, I talk baby steps, habits stacking, anchoring yourself in your core beliefs, how you need to keep an eye on what is YOUR sense of Happiness and about the start of a revolution, with love and kindness at the core of it.





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And yes, I met GaryVee at his book launch in London last year, #askGaryVee. One evening for a big memory.

And I'm in. Music is loud, crowd is getting their drinks. Can't wait to hear @garyvee #askgaryvee #book

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