January 30, 2017

Ep11 - Daily routines & being your own boss

Hi Mighty ones. If it’s your first time on the podcast, welcome!

If you don’t know me, I’m Pascale, I am a make-up artist, I work in film, but I've got a passion for showing you how to be safe online, in your business and how to use apps and systems and lots of quirky little things to broaden your mind and broaden your view on what it actually means to run a business.


Daily routines.

Are you a fan or not at all?

When you are a solopreneur, whatever the field, you need to get into a pace, there's a lot to do, even with the help of a VA.

Routines help you do that.
In the second part of the podcast, I remind you what it means to be your own boss and why you did set-up your own business at the beginning.

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Podcast links

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