January 15, 2018

33 - 2018. Experiments, Connect, Ampleness

In this episode, I go behind the scenes & explain my direction for 2018, how I found it & how it translates in actual steps.

As every year, I have done my yearly review, using the Desire Map from Danielle Laporte to really zoom in into how I want to feel and what I should do to feel this way.

EXPERIMENTS: How I am ready to experiment much more this year, including travelling and going nomad.

Grounding myself and how it translates into tiny daily actions.

CONNECT: I explain the 3 areas I want to connect more & better (hint hint I talk about you).

AMPLENESS: how that concept is the North Star for many decisions this year.

.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.   USEFUL LINKS:

Desire Map [aff link]

Bullet journal concept 

Instagram @rightbraingeek and doing #365daysofbabysteps this year.

Do join me and tell me what type of tiny actions you want to do all year round.

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