June 11, 2017

#24 - Designing your life with Hannah Dixon

Hi Mighty Ones,  Today I have Hannah Dixon on the show.  VA and VA mentor, Hannah is someone who strives for perfection and always talks straight. She has a created from scratch a business for herself, totally in line with who she is and how she wants to live (visiting the world with her gorgeous partner, and ften work by the pool). We talk about starting from scratch, setting boundaries with clients when you work from home, the perks of being your own boss and being a digital nomad.     ABOUT HANNAH     Hannah's free 5 day challenge to start as a VA http://bit.ly/dignomkit5 Hannah on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thenomadva/ .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.     THE PODCAST & YOUR HOST     I'm Pascale and am helping spiritual and purpose-driven businesses start and grow their business with the right tech and the right mindset, even on a small budget. The guests on the podcast show you how they do it, share their tips and stories to inspire you.   Subscribe and listen to previous episodes at http://therightbraingeek.thatpascale.com/rightbraingeek-podcast/   Come chat with me, I'm @rightbraingeek a bit everywhere online.  


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