June 18, 2017

Ep25 - HACK YOUR FUTURE, Refugee code school, with Gijs Corstens

The initiative I'm highlighting in today's show is HACK YOUR FUTURE, a refugee code school.

Hack your future with Gijs Corstens

I have one of the founders Gijs Corstens with me to discuss:

  • how they had the idea,
  • how they reach out to their network to make a wild idea a reality,
  • how it's giving their students much more than a job opportunity,
  • how you can give make a double win for individuals and a country-wide problem at once
  • how to create a team of volunteers to support your adventure


They are setting up camps in various places (Amsterdam, Coppenhagen, London and Turkey for example) and you can support them by donating money, laptops, or time via this page http://hackyourfuture.net/index#about

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