July 19, 2017

#29 - Create the life of your dream with Success coach Lisa Michaud

Lisa Michaud is my guest today. She is a success coach with a really sunny personality. She decided to change her life after a health scare.    We talked about she changed her mindset about her situation and dreams, how former studies far from business help her work with her clients and how a little app helps her keep up with a great habit she has build up. And we giggle. A LOT.      .-.-.-.-.-.-.-. ABOUT   Lis Michaud is a Success coach and speaker, working with high achieving women and men. She believes you can have it all and helps you create that life. She lives in Vancouver now and enjoys the beauty of it. She loves helping you set goals and reaching them. .-.-.-.-.-.-.-. LINKS & INFOS   Stephen Covey's book, The 7 habits of successful people Charles Duhigg's book The power of habit   Free guide for the podcast listeners here http://get.lisamichaud.com/itstimetogetyourgoals   Lisa website https://www.lisamichaud.com/ and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/li_michaud/ .-.-.-.-.-.-.-. I'm Pascale and am helping spiritual and purpose-driven businesses start and grow their business with the right tech and the right mindset, even on a small budget. The guests on the podcast show you how they do it, share their tips and stories to inspire you.   Subscribe and listen to previous episodes at http://therightbraingeek.thatpascale.com/rightbraingeek-podcast/   Come chat with me, I'm @rightbraingeek a bit everywhere online.


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