July 30, 2017

#30 - Self-Portrait as medecine with Catherine Just

In this episode, I have the great pleasure to chat with Catherine Just. You know her photography work of Danielle Laporte or Makenna Held. The episode is slightly longer than usual, but as always with Catherine, we take the time, pause and go deep. Lots of gorgeous gems and food for thoughts dropped.   She's a photographer with a really different process.   We talk about - her story, being a meth addict at 18, how once on recovery she went to Art school and fell in love with conceptual photography.   - how photography has been the tool to process challenging emotions and she dares showing up raw, vulnerable and ready to create a magical space for her clients.   - how she slows down, look inward & faces her fears to let things happen   - how art can heal and help you process things without words.   - how self-portrait is not selfie   - contraction & expansion in the journey   - fighting perfectionism     .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.      ABOUT   Catherine Just is an award winning photographer, artist and mentor. She considers her son, Max, who happens to have Down syndrome, her home as she travels from her base in Los Angeles to Mexico, Spain, Morocco, Italy and France and beyond to capture the pulse of the planet with her 4x5 camera. She offers photography retreats and photo sessions internationally. She believes that photography can be used to gather up evidence of what's living in between the words and to document the unseen but deeply felt spaces and places within the internal and external landscape. Catherine has been sober from a drug and alcohol addiction for 30 years and uses photography as her medicine. She invites others, photographers or not, to get on this journey of self-expression which she believes helps heal the planet.    .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.   LINKS   - The course Self-Portrait as medecine on her website http://www.catherinejust.com/self-portraiture-as-medicine - Her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cjust/ - To see what people from the course create & share:https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/selfportraitureasmedicine/ - Previous podcast episode Business is like making pancakes  http://therightbraingeek.thatpascale.com/why-running-a-business-is-like-making-pancakes/ - The 4 agreements book by Don Miguel Ruiz on Amazon.com .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.    THE PODCAST & YOUR HOST     I'm Pascale and am helping spiritual and purpose-driven businesses start and grow their business with the right tech and the right mindset, even on a small budget. The guests on the podcast show you how they do it, share their tips and stories to inspire you.   Subscribe and listen to previous episodes at http://therightbraingeek.thatpascale.com/rightbraingeek-podcast/   Come chat with me, I'm @rightbraingeek a bit everywhere online.


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