February 16, 2018

Ep34 - Get more traffic out of Youtube with Tom Martin

in this episode, I have Tom Martin with me to discuss Youtube and help you get more eyes on your videos.   He knows Youtube optimisation inside out and give us great tips and tools to have more results on Youtube, build your audience without paying for advertising.     .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.   ABOUT TOM   Tom Martin is Certified by YouTube as an expert in Audience Growth and Digital Rights. He has worked with successful YouTube Creators and Fortune 500 companies to improve their results on YouTube, specializing in both YouTube optimization and YouTube channel strategy. He has dedicated his time to make sure that all of his knowledge and experience is available to his audience so they can improve their YouTube results too.   Find out more at http://www.faqtube.tv  you can also find him on twitter @FAQtube

.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.   TOOLS RECOMMENDED by TOM

Tom's book. Youtube optimisation, the complete guide

Tom's article on how to start a channel 


VidIQ for keyword research

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