March 29, 2018

37 - Kate K. McCarthy, brand voice mentor.

More giggles and another raw tender conversation today. My guest is Kate K. McCarthy. I discovered her in a Facebook group post she wrote and I knew we had to talk.

She's a brand voice mentor for creative entrepreneurs.

We talked words obviously but also

- how what is not said is heavy in consequences and holding a safe space is part of her mission,

- how it's scary to step up in your vulnerability and be 100% you,

- how it's the key though to connecting genuinely with your people, find the right clients and establish a support network with collaborators

- and a few other gems I will let you discover in the episode.




Kate K. McCarthy is a writer and brand voice mentor who helps soulful and creative entrepreneurs (like you!) infuse who they are into how they show up in the world.



The post of Kate I talk about in the Heart-centered Entrepreneurs group on Facebook.

Kate website

Kate on Instagram


KATE FAVOURITE TOOLS: to prepare her instagram posts Active campaign to send her newsletter


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