December 22, 2018

39 - Disa Dalberg

Ep 39 - Disa Dalberg. From small actions to big adventures

First guest of season 3 and last episode of the year.

We talk about perfectionism, taking action every day, however small, to get out of that place where trauma keeps you stuck and the beauty of showing up, genuinely, to connect.

@disadalberg also gives tips to survive the holiday season and create boundaries for yourself.



Disa Dalberg is a Transformational Coach who helps women and men commit to positive habits so they can build unstoppable self-confidence and take action on living the life that they truly want to live.

Read about how Disa transformed her life - from trauma to triumph - by committing to positive habits:

Disa's website:

The Disa Dalberg Show: Follow Your Heart Not The Herd"

Disa on Instagram: @disadalberg

Get weekly heart nourishing, fun and inspiring content from Disa to help you shine brightly. Sign up here:



Wesley Joachim and his project The Explorer. Follow him on Insta @wesley.joachim and check his site



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