April 7, 2016

Ep4 - With Rosie Slosek

[The Right-Brain geek podcast was called Roots for creativity podcast in the first episodes. ]

In today's episode, I have my first guest on the show!

We are talking numbers, UK accountancy and cakes with Rosie Slosek from onemandband accounting.

Rosie Slosek is our guest on the podcast. We talk about cakes, accounting in the UK, limited company or self-employed structure and money mindset.

Numbers and financials are key to a sustainable, healthy and rewarding business. It can be quite difficult though to look at them without panic. It's good to have people making things easier for you. That's why I love Rosie. She likes tea, cakes and is definitely far from any cliches you can have about accounting people.

Come have a listen and

  • learn what is the difference between self-employed and limited company
  • the different reasons you may want to choose to go limited
  • how we needs some extra love for our money mindset


[bctt tweet="Accounting & Cake. Not-to-be-missed #podcast episode for UK #smallbusiness with Rosie @1manbandAccts."]




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