January 1, 2019

40 - Let's create your very own User Manual.

This is the first episode of the right brain geek podcast for  2019. It's a really hands on episode.

You may want to star or bookmark  this  episode depending where you are listening.  Listen once, let it soak and come back to it with pen and paper, a bit of time to answer the questions and start building your user manual.

What the last three years have taught me is that having one User Manual makes life easier. Work is more successful and relationships are deeper and more rewarding.

If you follow me on Insta, you may have seen a tiny bit of what I'm going to talk about today. It is not the first time I'm taking about your User Manual here.

If you are not following me here yet, Do follow @rightbraingeek,  I'm actually basically everywhere @rightbraingeek: On Pinterest, on Twitter, so please do connect. I'm always always happy to hear from listeners.

So first thing in your User Manual, we need to know what feels your tank. When things get tough you don't always have the brain power to remember all the things that help you. From little things you can do right here right now, to special treats, I'd love you to write ten things that are good for you.


For the rest of the tips to build your user Manual, listen to the full episode.





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