March 11, 2020

5 tools to build links & connection

World Wide Web. That's what the little www stands for at the beginning of any web address.

That "web" nickname for the Internet is so on point. it's so true.

Everyday, I can see how it creates networks, brings communities together.

My Mum, a perky 82years old, is still amazed that thanks to the Internet, I get people in my course that are from the States, or that my website creation clients at the moment are in Australia and the US.

And how amazing to get discover friends in South Africa, Texas, Colorado or Spain. 

I am grateful every day for the Internet. REALLY. DEEPLY. 

This week, let me introduce you to a few tools that have helped me embrace this Internet magic.

(The links with a * are affiliate links, I'll get a small reward for sharing the word at no cost to you. They are only things I enjoy and recommend genuinely)

- Zoom conference

Zoom is perfect for clients calls, group class and calls. Their free plans are already quite good and the paid plans aren't very expensive. A stapple for anyone working online.
Here's a video I made to show you how to create a link for a Zoom call. 


When you try to plan any Live call or team meeting, seeing when is when for everyone is handy. is a superb and easy tool for that. free and fast to see what time it is for anyone.


I have set-up my own page so that people who have enjoyed a lot the podcast but don't need/want/ my services or can't afford them can anyway drop a dollar if they feel called to.
You can *set-up your page here, it's great for all content creators as well who may have not yet found what to sell but have an audience that may want to support them in their creative endeavours. It can unlock VIP content on the site as well. Great for vloggers and bloggers, astrologers etc...

- *Acuity

I have moved from Calendly (which I still LOVE. I love their interface much better) because Acuity have an integration with Instagram and Facebook that helps maximize your Instagram profile "real estate" as it creates a button to allow people to book you.
That way, you can have the book button AND the link to your freebie or website or latest blog post... 2 links instead of one. no need to choose. (and yes, there's a video coming up to show you how to do it.)

- Pretty Links

if your website is on WordPress, this plugin is a life saver.
It allows you to create... wait for it... pretty links to share addresses. The link to my discovery calls for example is now, much nicer & easier to remember than that the computer-speech address that *Acuity is giving me (which is this: 
It makes it look really polished as well, and well-thought, don't you think? Plus I can see how many people clicked on it, and as you know, you can't take a decision or assess a situation without having data and numbers, so having this extra layer of knowledge about links that are coming to me is essentials (even more as I am changing the way I do business. As they say... watch this space 😉 )

As usual, big hugs and virtual coffees. 
Pascale, your Right-brain geek
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