August 15, 2017

Ep31 - A call to all the good souls

A different episode today. A bit more somber. It's the 3rd time I'm trying to record it as I can't find the right words. It's a call to all the good souls.

I am begging you to listen though as it is so important. We don't have the luxury to avoid this and turn our head anymore.
You may not be into politic, you may be an empath that struggles with the violence. you may need to shelter yourself from the awfulness of it. please hear me out.

Let's take a deep breath.


Black and minorities are shaken up.
White people are shaken up. not for the same reason.
Not with the same feeling.


As the white person I am, I have said " how is that happening, I can't bear it, don't they know better? It's awful."

For a Black person, a minority, I'm afraid it's not news. They've seen this, they've been experiencing this so many times, in various shape and form, but it's not a new thing.

I've been more open lately and trying to learn about white privilege. I am so glad and grateful for friends who started sharing their experience, for white thought leaders who are standing up and calling us out on our privilege so we can wake up and propagate the ripple of love and awareness. I've realized I don't know enough thought leaders from more diverse background and am hungry for that. (would love any recommendation of books, youtube channels and other podcasts please to widen my views)

there's been more occasion to discover the huge differences in everyday life between our experiences. From clever advertising (if you don't know the ad I am referring to, here's the link) to Charlottesville, lifting that white privilege veil, even a tiny bit, made me weep.

I am shocked by Charlottesville. because it is unfair. I can only imagine how unbearable it must be to be a black parent nowadays.

How stressful it is to see your teenagers going out, even if you know they are good kids who won't do any bad. You know they are at risk. The need for "the talk" on how to handle police checks, and general safety tips... I can't imagine the anxiety that people have to cope with.

so my point is...
Being shocked and appalled is not enough. we can't turn off the tv and get on with our life.
I don't want to make you feel guilty. Guilt is no use here.
I want you to weave your own corner of a huge safety & love blanket for the world.

As an empath and highly sensitive people, it's hard for us to face all this. it doesn't mean we are not mighty and we don't have the power to do something.
We can learn about white privilege, smile to people of minorities when we seat next to them in the bus, we can correct gently but firmly our friends who make a racist joke.
We can have a really important and sacred chat with our kids, explaining to them what is racism, how it's not ok, how it needs to called out when we see it.

I have read an article from Erynn Brook. that has given me so much food for thoughts.

And Makenna Held Facebook posts. because she always tries to get us out of our bubble, to expand and raise our awareness.

We need to ask ourselves the awkward questions. We need to look into ourselves and have the uncomfortable conversations.

I don't want to be asked in 50 years by the kids of the time "Why didn't people do more? could they not see what was happening? how could they tolerate this hate?"

My own grand uncle was imprisoned during WW2. He was part of the French resistance and lost an eye when he managed to escape Nazis camps. I lost other grand uncles in that war, ones I never met because they fought for they thought was right.

I don't need yet to fight like they did. It doesn't mean though I don't need to resist the hate and the Nazi trend that's rising in my own way. on my own terms. The last few days, I have thought of my Great Uncle a lot, how he and all the soldiers who died or suffer in this war must be totally saddened and angry that the beast is out again so openly. Did they suffer for nothing?

We all have to fight. No shying away from this. With our own tools and ways.
It's not about politics. it's not about freedom of speech.
Freedom of speech stops when you want to take a car to kill people. Before you grab a pole and hit a man just because he's black. Freedom of speech stops when it weights against the freedom of being. Because it is just that. Back, Indian, Asian, Jews, Muslim... They only want to BE. Be respected as a fellow Human being and live in peace.

I do get that there is an issue underlying this hate. I do get that they haven't woken up one day and thought that being Nazi was a great idea. They must lack confidence, love and more. That need to be addressed. but that's no excuse.

To people who say "they are just kids that don't feel heard, they are not Nazi".
To people who say "nothing would have happened if they had been let alone to do their processions".
I want to ask you (or you to ask them):

Can you not see the Nazi symbols, the t-shirts quoting Hitler, the hand salute. Can you really think that people who lash out so easily and with this kind of belief would never hurt anyone?
We can't give them excuses and we can't turn an eye.

We have to do the work. Make the first step to educate yourself, check our thoughts, checks our reflexes. Are we aligned with our values? Are we actually doing what's right? because the problem of white privilege is that we are not aware of it. it still does exist. it is there. in us.
we have to accept that we are part of the problem and that we have to be proactive to be part of the solution.

If you are white, feel overwhelmed and want to make things better, please read that article from Erynn Brook, she helps walk you through the feelings and questions that anyone with a big heart can have after these terrible events.

Learn how you can help (I've subscribed to the Safetypinbox newsletter myself as they give you clues on how to be a better ally.), love harder, chat. Try on social, but maybe just one on one if you are too shy on social. But please do take part in the massive undoing of hate and racism.

We have a lot of work to do. It's not on our brother and sisters from the minorities to do the heavy lifting. They are already dealing with so much. so much.

It has to come from us. We can do this.
One conversation at a time.

I would love to hear from you, your thoughts on this and the article. I would love even more if you were to take action today and share this episode, or the article, to a friend that is upset and could use these feelings to fuel action.

Much love to you all Mighty ones.




Erynn Brook article.

Makenna Held Facebook page

The ad I talked about

Kimra Luna talking about Charlottesville to her 8year old son


I would love to hear from you, your thoughts on this and the article. I would love even more if you were to take action today and share this episode, or the article, to a friend that is upset and could use these feelings to fuel action.

Much love to you all Mighty ones.


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