You can make Tech your wingman

Your computer is like a kitchen.
Trust me, if you can find your way in a kitchen, you can feel at ease working in your business, using your computer or in WordPress.

I'm Pascale, your right-brain geek,

the bridge between you and your tech.

I know you despair having to learn yet another software, deciding what you should be working on first or setting up your website.

You were excited to leave your 9-to-5, live off your passion and create a business that would set you free.

FREE. I bet that's not how your business makes you feel right now.

You are on a mission to spread your message, make the world for a better place, change lives and you are stuck here looking at your computer and feeling like Mercury retrograde is an everyday curse in your business. 

You are fed up looking for answers, trying to find a tutorial on Youtube or asking in Facebook groups for help or - gasp - ask your kid/neighbour/spouse how to do this or that.

All the apps, all the lingo, it's exhausting. Even explanations need explaining.

You refuse to think that's how it has to be.

Your vision board is full of icons of success, of words like "ease" and "flow".

You can feel what a perfect day would be like: you would wake-up to new paid clients booked in, payments notifications and you could sit down at your desk with your favourite mug enjoying the system and structure you have and lean on to run your business.

You would run a business that feels like your favourite outfit: nice to wear, comfy, making you feel like a million dollars.

If only there was someone who could do the techy things you don't want to do or teach you how to do them while having fun...

Well, HURRAH! You have found the right goofy quirky right-brain lady to do just that!

I'm Pascale. Nice to meet you.

Hair and make-up artist by day, geek at all time, I love learning and teaching. I dive into code like others do Suduku. I also think that details and quality matter.

Looking good isn’t everything, you need to feel good as well. [I am so in sync with that Hygge concept. Cozy and beautiful, without bling, like wearing a good red lipstick with comfy shoes. ]
Running a business shouldn’t run you down, physically, emotionally or financially.
Don't get me wrong. Running a business can be a challenge. If you struggle to make decision as much as I do, being your own boss means extra efforts there. 

It means often getting out of your comfort zone, doing things you have never done before. But the day-to-day shouldn't drain you out. There are ways to make things easier on you and many don't cost a thing or very little. Tech can be your wingman, that helps you do things faster, or automatically. 

Many tiny tasks can be done without you doing it. It relieves your brain, free your calendar, makes time for loved ones or your personal growth.

I love helping people make friend with their tech because as a solopreneur, you are your main asset and having the right tools to lean on gets you from between skint & burnt out to lit-up & thriving.

For my clients, I put my Sherlock Holmes hat on and my geeky skills to use.

I love all things apps, systems, WordPress and removing friction in people’s life.

I work with people who are making the world a better, fairer or more beautiful place and need support with WordPress, with the apps they use (or should be using) to run their business in a way that feels good.

the things we could do together

ROADMAP sessions

If you are lost and don't know where to start, these sessions will help you understand which technical steps you need to take, depending where you are right now and where you want to be.  What is the minimum necessary, what would be nice to have and all the little technical pebbles along the way you don't want to trip over. 

set-up the pillars of your business

You have the passion, you have the idea. Now you need to put it out there and meet your ideal clients. A new routines, a calendar, a to-do list, social media profiles, a way to get paid, an email autoresponder, maybe a website... Many cogs in the machine. No need to stress over it when it can be sorted for you quickly. If you don't what is the most urgent and are really overwhelmed, booking the roadmap session would be your first step. 

website creation and audit

When you start, you don't want to invest heavily in a website. It's time first to make sure your message and offer is right and make it easy for your clients to get to know you, understand your  work and pay you for your services. That's what I focus on. Simple, minimal design. Just the first block you will build on as you go.

Another pair of eyes is always useful to check if everything you need is in place. Even better if the said pair of eyes is geeky, business savvy and detail-oriented. The audit makes you learn what works and what doesn't on your website in regards to your business goals. You get a list of things you can change to make things better. You can implement yourself, pass it on to your VA or web person or book me to do it.

The thing you can do on your own

Self-paced courses

If you are tired of fighting against your tech, tired of going from one tutorial to another and still not being able to do JUST THE THING you need to do for your business, welcome to the Right-Brain Geek school.

I have created this school to help people 24/7, people who want to learn on their own time and pace or aren't ready yet to book done-for-you services.

Expect high quality course, with cartoon face of yours truly, Pascale Recher, your right-brain geek.
what I believe in
>> You can learn Tech and Business while laughing. I’ve seen how my silly/quirky explanations can help switch the mood from hair-pulling to teeth-showing laughs.

>> Everything is within reach if you know where to look. I love the Internet, it’s been a life-saver for me. (yes, being an adult is mostly being able to google things.)

>> You are stronger than you think. I know it. I want you to know it too.

>> You can feel fragile, it doesn’t mean you are weak. Asking for help is a sign of strength.
I’ve seen you asking for help, telling us in Facebook groups how your ex isn’t paying again the money he owes you or how you are so glad you managed to write that sales copy before exhaustion hit.
I’m in awe of people who are giving their all, fighting as a single mother to make ends meet or fighting a condition. People who despite difficult circumstances are staying loving and keen to help. They deserve to be helped.

>> You are your main asset and you need to fill your own tank before helping everybody else.
You are not always giving yourself enough credit for all you do or enough self-care to recover.
Please remember Mighty one:

>> The right set of tools allows you to focus on what matters: your client, your zone of genius.
When you pick the right ones FOR YOU, the tools take care of themselves. You wouldn’t take a tractor to go fly on the motorway or a Lamborghini to go work in the fields. Same for tools. You need the ones that work FOR YOU.
things you should know
>> I tend to make faces, which makes any Livestream or video something a bit, well, “different”. 

>> I'm French and my English is not perfect. I try my best to speak proper English but the odd Frenglish bit sneaks in regularly. If that makes your eyes or ears bleed, we may not be the best match... 

>> I'm a big advocate of fairness, equality & self-care.

>> I embrace diversity and do my best to learn every day about other people's reality to include them better and be a better ally.. 
Whatever your sex, your sexual orientation, your age, your race or origin, I welcome you.

If you have some love in your heart, you are part of my Village.


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