Tech as your wingman.
Tech as self-care. 

I'm Pascale, your right-brain geek

also nicknamed Sherlock Holmes, online plumber, tech fairy and resilient little bugger. 
Your relationship with tech can be healed. 
Tech doesn't need to feel scary or heavy.
What if I was telling you that your computer is like a kitchen.
Trust me, if you can find your way in a kitchen, you can feel at ease working in your business backend, using your computer or WordPress.

I love helping people make friend with their tech because as a solopreneur, you are your main asset and having the right tools to lean on can be what gets you from skint & burnt out to lit-up & thriving.

I deeply and really believe that anyone can learn tech, that they are stronger than they think, and that self-care is key and a very important business investment with a high ROI.

You are on a mission to spread your message, make the world for a better place, change lives and you are stuck here looking at your computer and feeling like Mercury retrograde is an everyday curse in your business. 

You are fed up looking for answers, trying to find a tutorial on Youtube or asking in Facebook groups for help or - gasp - ask your kid/neighbour/spouse how to do this or that.

All the apps, all the lingo, it's exhausting. Even explanations need explaining.
You refuse to think that's how it has to be and you are right!
All of this can feel light and playful

I'm Pascale. Nice to meet you.

I can be your tech fairy and your loving ass-kicking wingwoman. I am also the host of The Right-brain geek podcast.

I believe in kindness, self-care, inclusivity, empathy.

I’m resilient, resourceful, quirky, playful, yet deep, supportive, proactive, forever hopeful, considerate & committed to get in people's shoes to understand them and make it work for them.

I make cartoon faces, speak with too many Frenchglisms for some and not enough for others, I love images that create a “oh that’s not that scary then…”. 

When you craft your business, it needs to be crafted with your uniqueness in mind. That's where ease and flow come in.

I am so in sync with that Hygge concept. Cozy and beautiful, without bling, like wearing a good red lipstick with comfy shoes.
Running a business shouldn’t run you down, physically, emotionally or financially.
Don't get me wrong. Running a business can be a challenge. 

It means often getting out of your comfort zone, doing things you have never done before. It's full of surprises and plot twists.

But the day-to-day shouldn't drain you out. There are ways to make things easier on you and many don't cost a thing or very little. 

Tech can be your wingman, that helps you do things faster, or automatically. You save your energy for what matters, do what your zone of genius is. The tech takes care of the boring details (or I do if you hire me for ongoing support.)

Your lifestyle, the way your brain is wired, your goals, your energy type or profile (for my people that are into Human design), all of that make up who you are and impacts how your tech could be set-up.
There's no one-fit-all strategy because no one is exactly like you, no one can show up for your clients the way you do..

>> You are your main asset and you need to fill your own tank before helping everybody else.
You are not always giving yourself enough credit for all you do or enough self-care to recover.
Please remember Mighty one:

>> You are stronger than you think. I know it. I want you to know it too.

>> You can feel fragile, it doesn’t mean you are weak. Asking for help is a sign of strength.
I’ve seen you asking for help, telling us in Facebook groups how your ex isn’t paying again the money he owes you or how you are so glad you managed to write that sales copy before exhaustion hit.
I’m in awe of people who are giving their all, fighting as a single mother to make ends meet or fighting a condition. People who despite difficult circumstances are staying loving and keen to help. They deserve to be helped.

>> The right set of tools allows you to focus on what matters: your client, your zone of genius.
When you pick the right ones FOR YOU, the tools take care of themselves. You wouldn’t take a 4x4 to go fly on the race track or a Lamborghini to go through a mud track. Same for tools. You need the ones that work FOR YOU.

>> You can learn Tech and Business while laughing. I’ve seen how my silly/quirky explanations can help switch the mood from hair-pulling to teeth-showing laughs.

>> Everything is within reach if you know where to look. I love the Internet, it’s been a life-saver for me. (yes, being an adult is mostly being able to google things.)
things you should know
>> I tend to make faces, which makes any Livestream or video something a bit, well, “different”.

>> I'm French and my English is not perfect. I try my best to speak proper English but the odd Frenglish bit sneaks in regularly when I talk. If that makes your ears bleed, we may not be the best match...

>> I'm a big advocate of fairness, equality & self-care.

>> I embrace diversity and do my best to learn every day about other people's reality to include them better and be a better ally. 
Whatever your sex, your sexual orientation, your age, your race or origin, I welcome you.

If you have some love in your heart, you are part of my Village.
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