From Bird eye view to a proper plan Mapped out in Asana

You have started to use Asana but you're not sure you are making the best of it?

You have some launch planned, you have the bird eye view and the strategy but you are struggling with the actual details and need help putting all the tasks in Asana.

Let me help you.

I can create the projects, the tasks you need to see in there in line with your strategy.

I can create templates for you to use over and over again.

No more wondering. No more mistakes or forgetting things as you try to recreate the template you had for your last webinar.


How do we do this?

  • You book 30mn of prep call below and pay the $170 fee.
  • During the consultation on Skype, I ask you about your projects, what you need and struggle the most regarding Asana and your todo list.
  • You send me your Asana login details (LastPass is a great tool for this. You can revoke my access once we have finished working together.) and I break down your plan & strategy into projects & tasks your Asana.
  • I set-up templates for you and create a quick video for you to see what I've done and how to use it.
  • You have a look and you can ask a set of modification (change of colours, extra steps in the process etc...) that I will do in the last 30mn of work allocated to your Asana Map out session. If what you ask takes more than 30mn, I'll send you an email and an estimate of how much time it would require finishing with a quote. The choice is up to you. The bigger part of the work is done, you can get on with your big plan.

It can take from a day to a week to finish this from the time I get your login details depending on what is already on my schedule at that time. Please bear this in mind when you book.


Not sure yet? Want to get to know me first? Come geek with me.

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