What is The Right-Brain geek podcast and what I want to offer my audience.

[if you're a seasoned podcaster or guest, sorry some remarks will be known to you already]

The tagline of the show

Build an wholesome soulful business that fits like your favorite outfit.

One that makes you feel good, looks good on you.

The show is really about having a wholesome, healthy biz and the challenges on the way.

(The tone is relaxed, fun and friendly. Uncomplicated. I tend to use metaphors, even weird or silly ones.)

"Healthy but how" you say?
- healthy finances and cash flow,
- healthy relationship in business partnerships,
- healthy & fruitful creativity, healthy business owner as I believe you are your main asset. 

You have to fill your own tank.

  • Feeling good includes this, as well as being in a business that is custom made for you, that fits you like your favorite outfit, that doesn't drain the life out of you. A business where you can be your authentic self. A life where your mindset works for you not against you. A business where love and kindness are invited to the boardroom.
  • Looking good because my listeners discover how to look the part, to use social media with the right etiquette, to look (and be) confident online, to look at ease using tools and apps and not being phased out by jargon, where the nice details of your Facebook page or website are looked after.

Link to the podcast

Who do I serve

Beautiful souls, givers, big hearts on a mission, who need a trusted voice for all things tech and seeing themselves as a business. Quite often, they are ladies, single parents or ladies who can't count on local support for their business. The Right-Brain geek is a reliable reference and resources provider for them.

I have their back.

My aim:

For them to grow in business, become self-sufficient and thrive, while being safe and feeling good.

Ultimately, I want people to feel strong and be safe. A healthy business can provide that.

If you look closer, my audience is full of technophobes purpose-driven individuals, heart & art based business (writers, artists, therapists, Etsy sellers, spiritual coaches, life coaches, healers... heart-based = people who use their heart/ethics/values as a compass for their business.)

They have a sensitive soul. They are often afraid of tech. They don't always know how the online world works (social media, funnels...)
They want to launch their business properly or correct things that are not quite functioning.

Because of their big hearts, they tend to serve everyone and not give themselves enough credit and enough rest/care so most often they are overworked, overwhelmed by all the process and tasks of running the business.

What my audience needs and what we could be talking about

(depending on your work, your personality, the things that resonate with you... )

Just a few pointers there, I'm open to propositions.

  • inspiring thoughts, tales of past failures and success,
  • how you overcame challenges,
  • how you started your thing,
  • how you start your day or a project (morning or creative routines are always welcome),
  • tools you use that are right brain friendly,
  • your own systems they can put in place to help them work frictionless,
  • anything linked to creativity & keeping it fresh,
  • self-care. self-worth. big big topic for the podcast. how it integrates with your business, your life etc... your favorites things to regenerate,
  • online marketing that isn't sleazy. Authenticity in business,
  • Good customer service,
  • ... many other things

Ask me if you think of something else but have a doubt.

Remember, the podcast is audio only. (I may do video itv if you want that I will put on Youtube for more exposure)

we can't rely on showing things too much so that people can get "it". I will put show notes on the blog though, so if you have infographics, images, links to your site/product/launch etc...
you are more than welcome to share these with me before we record so I can include them.
it's good to have easy to remember links (with bit.ly or pretty links).

The tone is relaxed and friendly. uncomplicated. I tend to use metaphors, even weird or silly ones.

You are welcome to do the same. Be yourself. Have fun. My only concern is for them to listen, relax/have fun while learning and giving them a fresh look on their problems and processes.

Practical details

  • The episodes are short, under 30mn. so the interview doesn't need to be long. Usually 20mn to 40mn so that we can warm up, set things up with the technical sides of things.
  • Depending on your location, we'll find a way to record the interview via internet or in person (UK- Greater London only). you only need an internet browser. no added complicated software. I use zencastr or Zoom, or Skype.
  • Feel free to send me
    • a picture (or logo if you feel shy) to put on the blog with the show notes,
    • a short bio,
    • where to find you online (the platform where you interact the most is preferred) and
    • let me know anything that you would like to share regarding your business. 
  • If you want to create a special code/offer for the listeners, share with me before so I can tease them in my newsletter and get more traction for the podcast.
  • We will find a time that suits both of us. I'll send you a reminder the day before and 15mn before.
  • After the show, I'll send you the date of the broadcast and the link to the podcast & show notes.

No recording for a while, get in touch via Facebook or Instagram to give me a wave, I'll send you the link to book a slot once recordings resume.

Looking forward to having you on the show. Have a great day.

The Right-Brain Geek.

Discover and listen to the podcast here

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