June 27, 2017

Behind the scenes: building the pillars of success of your business

You want to have an impact, you have a strong idea.

You have the VISION for a way to make the world a better place or a DREAM to share your art and skills with the world.

You get out there, you declare how ready you are. You start the work.
That's where it starts to be harder isn't it?

Not because of the work. Because of the extra that your work entails: the "getting clients" process, the "tracking clients" or lack of it. The behind-the-scenes of your work.

Tracking if they've paid, how many sessions they have left, or that cumbersome back and forth to get an appointment...

Having all these little bits to do for the blog, FOR. EVERY. BLOGPOST. and even though you do it every week, there's always one bit that you forget.


Any business or adventure rely on pillars to reach its full potential.

Here are some examples of pillars your business needs to function at its best without draining all life out of you.



- WELCOME CLIENTS in your world

I did say clients. Not everyone will be a client, you want to repeal the ones that are not a good fit before they waste your time. By having this pillar firmly in position, you can check a contact is a potential client (or let them assess if they are).
In today's world, you can connect to people in real life, online, on social media...
Make their life and yours easier by automating in a friendly and human manner the process.

Have a way to explain WHAT you do, HOW you do it, WHAT you NEED FROM THEM in order to work successfully together.

It's called onboarding and well crafted and prepped, it saves hours of unnecessary chat, emails and more.

- KEEP TRACK EASILY of your to-do's

Use a to-do list (app or paper) religiously, create templates you can just duplicate for everything you do regularly so you can save time and avoid making mistakes and forgetting important details, calendars and reminders. I love Google calendar, Asana (here's a video to start using it like a champ)


Documenting how you do things develop self-awareness and can later help you hire a VA faster and train her faster as well. This is important. Too often people hire when they are in a rush, because of a launch, or an illness that forces them to hire and train in record time.
Do yourself a huge favour and start documenting now.


Do you have a way for people to get value from you? to get to know you before buying?
It takes time to trust someone enough to buy. It takes content, testimonials, having a "feel" of who you are.

Creating content is a great way to do this. They need to have a way to easily get it regularly. Only guest blogging without a hub of yours won't let them do that.

Create your hub, your nest, your digital home so people can come back again and again, and a newsletter if they want you to come back to them instead.


Even if you are just starting, create a routine that will help you when it's time to fill your tax return.

Keep all receipts, log all income.

Even better, have a business bank account and a software like *FREEAGENT that helps you create invoices, expenses and prep your end of year tax document for you. (this is an affiliate link. I use Freeagent and am very happy with them. I only share affiliate links of product I do strongly believe you'll gain from using. You get 10% off when using this link. )


It sounds silly but it's sadly needed to repeat this.

So many of us create a business to live more, live with more quality time with your loved ones, yet we fail to put this in our calendar and priorities.

Have you marked some time OFF in your calendar? Some time offline? Do you have reminders to do what fills your tank?

Have you set a routine to start or end the day in a nourishing way?


I'd love to hear if you have these already and if you need help around any of them.

Let me know so I make sure I cover them in the future.

If you are not yet on my list, pop your email below, I will send specific worksheets and videos to help with this. Come geek with me, you won't regret it.

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