November 12, 2018

Book review: The bullet journal


If you followed me on Instagram for a while, you know I am a long-term bullet-journalist (is that a word ?). I have used it to help me have more clarity. Used paired with my weekly review (GTD-style), it helps me see where I’m at in life and business, it helps me be more grounded.

Half of me thought I didn’t need to read the book as I knew the bullet journal method well but I thought even if I don’t learn anything, it’s a small way to THANK Ryder Carroll for the tool and community he created.

Well I was wrong. I haven’t finished yet, but already want to share... as I read I keep highlighting bits (see the images) because it is hitting home.
Bullet journal quote


It’s reconnecting me with WHY I use it and HOW I could deepen my relationship/use of it. It’s really in sync with where I want in life (can you see the word “bridge” in this image?!) and where I’m heading in 2019 (already picked my word for the year and it’s INTENTIONAL).

I feel I have used my bujo on automatic lately, taking it for granted. Of course, I made tweaks, but there were all details.
I will share soon how I am setting up my new bujo, going back to the core of the method for some bits and going deeper and with more meaning in my own relationship to what I write in it.
I can’t recommend the book enough, even for those who think their “bujojitsu” as Ryder said is already great.
If you want to buy it and use my affiliate link as a thank-you for the recommendation, you can buy through this link ?

if you want to chat about it, find here where I hang out online and let me know what you think!

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