Grief has been part of my life it feels like forever.

I was not aware how much of a difference it can make on how you see life and people's needs for a long time. The more you observe and discuss with people, you can see what has forged you, why it's sometimes difficult to communicate how you feel and see the world.

I was talking with Amanda Leeks about courage, what it means for every one of us, how it's more about showing up despite of fear than showing up without fear.

That reminded me of that Instagram post I did 2 years ago, talking about me growing up in a circle of older people, dementia and grief. That cames from a competition Mark Leruste did to be a guest on his Unconventionalist podcast. It took courage to share my thoughts on this post, even more to actually do the podcast (yes I won the competition). I was excited about the opportunity, also scared of making a fool of myself. The line up of guests on his podcast is quite impressive and my imposter syndrome was screaming loudly at me.

Mark is so kind and a wonderful host, he made the experience so much easier than I thought it would be. I'm so very grateful for the opportunity. Here's the link to the episode if you want to hear what the gift of grief can be.

Grief is one of these things that really marks you.

How it happened, how much support you had when it happened, how you were able to sit with it and heal... or not.

All that will shape you in different ways. and if you never had to experience it (which is a surreal idea to me, but I did someone who never had a death in his closed circle in his life... he was past his forties then... ), it definitely is like a foreign country you can't imagine.

Grief is processing loss.

Grief is not just for mourning for someone who transitioned. It's for what you dreamed of that is now a crushed dream, it's for hopes that have been faded. It's a love that had to end. It's an identity you have to say goodbye to.

Because of the uncertainty, the complete shake-up of our habits, way of being, fears, loss of family members and friends, the canceling of many meaningful events... nowadays many people are feeling grief.

Here are a few resources for you if you are going through this. You are not alone, and we are all feeling all the feels. Sometimes going through contradictory ones on the same day. All normal, all valid.

Please be gentle with yourself.

Grief is often a fallow before a new birth.

I love the word fallow and everything it carries. It's part of what I keep in mind in my process and containers to go through life.

Grief makes us think about what is important. When we sit with it, we can hear what our heart craves, what matters.

Sitting with it is not easy. but sitting in stillness brings a dialog with ourselves. If you can do it, it's a beautiful encounter.

If you have had trauma, please search for someone who can guide and hold you through the process. Don't try this on your own.

Here's an article that may bring some light and hopes for what is being born now, through this fallow the World is in.

What if the Coronavirus is the Ultimate Pause & Reset Button? on Elephant Journal

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I have known grief and loss and uncertainty all my life, in various ways.
I have seen how people react in all these situations.
The people you expect to be strong sometimes fall on their knees straight away, while the gentle one you were afraid for manages to work through everything. Or the one who holds the fort for everyone for years, out of the blue, after everybody else has grieved, crashed as they feel they can finally put the armor down.
🧡 Don’t label yourself or anyone else or judge people in how much they seem to do or care right now. 🧡

Some work in the light, some work in private.
There are no right or wrong (apart not washing your hands, c’mon Dude. That’s gross and irresponsible.)
There are many more variations and ranges in how we respond to what’s happening.

🌸 You can be calm, not worried about this virus and still apply all advice to flatten the curb.
🌸 You can think it’s a conspiracy to impose a vaccine and still follow the advice to flatten the curb, because it is also accepting that we’re all in it together and that you’d rather be on the side of caution when making your decision.
🌸 You can be strong for your loved ones and fall apart from your anxiety in the evening.
🌸 You can rejoice the calm, the stillness and the renew of nature because pollution is decreasing.
🌸 You can feel anxious for the economy more than the virus,
🌸 You can feel all of these ⏫ at various times of the day.
🌸 You can be the one holding the light one day and asking for help the day after.

There is no need to put pressure on yourself, or judge yourself.

💪🏼There are a lot of calls to be the leader and show up as a leader.
YES, if you have that in your bones, do it. We all need it. 💪🏼
If you can’t… It’s all ok. 🌸

😊 If you can only brace yourself to send a warm smile to a fellow Human in the shop, that may be your superhero gesture of the day, and that smile can have a big effect on the person. ☺️

🏝 If you are the only person you can give love and care to, it’s ok too. Thank you for doing this, it’s one person that is taken care of.
🚶🏻‍♀️If you go round checking on the elderly, your loved ones and people who cope less. Great! Thank you for being the helper so many needs.
🎃 if you are the one that shares silly memes and pictures to keep our spirit up, thank you.

In these times, something is clear. We are all different, we react to things differently.
We are all connected though and all that we do impact the others.
In small and big ways.
Let’s be kind, even more to ourselves. 💞
Treat yourself to an online meditation, a body checking, listen to Gregorian music (I know, it’s weird, I promise, it’s the ONLY thing with binaural beats that truly make my body calm down when the pressure starts to hit.)

🎞 Life is not a short-film, it’s a long tv serie, with seasons and plot twists… We never know how many episodes we have, but it doesn’t stop us to watch.
If you want to get cracking with work, do it, if you need to create a staycation retreat, do it.

🧰 If there’s something you need, comment below. Plenty of people around here, with various tools, knowledge, strength...

I’m prepping a blog article with tips for you that will be updated as I find more resources.

Much love and virtual hugs to you all.
💗💕Thank you for being you.

World Wide Web. That's what the little www stands for at the beginning of any web address.

That "web" nickname for the Internet is so on point. it's so true.

Everyday, I can see how it creates networks, brings communities together.

My Mum, a perky 82years old, is still amazed that thanks to the Internet, I get people in my course that are from the States, or that my website creation clients at the moment are in Australia and the US.

And how amazing to get discover friends in South Africa, Texas, Colorado or Spain. 

I am grateful every day for the Internet. REALLY. DEEPLY. 

This week, let me introduce you to a few tools that have helped me embrace this Internet magic.

(The links with a * are affiliate links, I'll get a small reward for sharing the word at no cost to you. They are only things I enjoy and recommend genuinely)

- Zoom conference

Zoom is perfect for clients calls, group class and calls. Their free plans are already quite good and the paid plans aren't very expensive. A stapple for anyone working online.
Here's a video I made to show you how to create a link for a Zoom call. 


When you try to plan any Live call or team meeting, seeing when is when for everyone is handy. is a superb and easy tool for that. free and fast to see what time it is for anyone.


I have set-up my own page so that people who have enjoyed a lot the podcast but don't need/want/ my services or can't afford them can anyway drop a dollar if they feel called to.
You can *set-up your page here, it's great for all content creators as well who may have not yet found what to sell but have an audience that may want to support them in their creative endeavours. It can unlock VIP content on the site as well. Great for vloggers and bloggers, astrologers etc...

- *Acuity

I have moved from Calendly (which I still LOVE. I love their interface much better) because Acuity have an integration with Instagram and Facebook that helps maximize your Instagram profile "real estate" as it creates a button to allow people to book you.
That way, you can have the book button AND the link to your freebie or website or latest blog post... 2 links instead of one. no need to choose. (and yes, there's a video coming up to show you how to do it.)

- Pretty Links

if your website is on WordPress, this plugin is a life saver.
It allows you to create... wait for it... pretty links to share addresses. The link to my discovery calls for example is now, much nicer & easier to remember than that the computer-speech address that *Acuity is giving me (which is this: 
It makes it look really polished as well, and well-thought, don't you think? Plus I can see how many people clicked on it, and as you know, you can't take a decision or assess a situation without having data and numbers, so having this extra layer of knowledge about links that are coming to me is essentials (even more as I am changing the way I do business. As they say... watch this space 😉 )

As usual, big hugs and virtual coffees. 
Pascale, your Right-brain geek

Podcasting is very trendy now. It's very powerful, it helps create beautiful connections but it's easy to make a few mistakes, waste time or miss out on opportunities.

I have made a few mistakes when I created one or seen others do. I'd rather you wouldn't do the same so here's what I learned launching mine and prepping my second one.

[Disclaimer, this post has been written quickly to answer a few questions that are coming back again and again. Bookmark it and review regularly, I'll update it regularly]

Let's talk about starting your podcast.

You need to host your podcast on a podcast hosting company.

Too many people try to host it on their site.

This is NOT a good idea.

  • If there's a spike of traffic, your hosting cannot always cope and it could be a great mess with your rss as well.
  • It's also not great to check downloads, the origin of downloads etc. Podcast hosting allows you to see the difference between the people who visit your site and the people who download episodes. If you want to find a sponsor at some point, having reliable and precise stats are necessary.
  • In case you decide to rebrand, either yourself or your podcast, it's easier to do it when your site is hosted on a podcast platform instead of your domain name.

The extra cost may feel too much but believe me, it's best for peace of mind, analytics and growth.

Some good hosts are

  • Libsyn (cheap to start but reliable host with options to grow)
  • (now bought by Acast - the one I use for mine. I love the dashboard, the analytics are easier to see than on Libsyn and the included tools to make a small video excerpt of the episode, as well as a transcript,  is helpful. The transcripts aren't perfect, even less when you have an accent like mine but it's a good start, takes less time to correct than type it all.) (affiliate link, if you take a yearly plan, we both get a $25 Amazon card, handy for podcasting gear 😛 )
  • Anchor is the wild card. Free, easy to do from your phone. They say you own your feed but I don't like free tools. They can disappear fast and if you don't pay, aren't you the product?

Plenty of other providers with various price tags.

Make sure you can easily share episodes with all platforms (Apple, Google, Spotify etc... Youtube even if that's of interest to you.)

To have a smooth experience with your guests

  • To organize the booking, use a tool like Calendly or Acuity. That will avoid so much back and forth between you two.
  • Ask for a bio, a picture in high definition and the link they want you to share, as well as any freebie or product launch they have in the pipeline. You can send an *Airtable form so that all is put in there, a good way to have all in one spot for your or your VA to access all this. [affiliate link but I only share products I use or believe in]

A podcast art is really important.

Make sure it's readable even when it's tiny. Look at ITunes on your phone or any podcast app and you’ll see how tiny it will be once in use.

You need to get something with contrasting colours (no light blue on medium blue for example, it won’t read) and a pic of you or some art that makes sense will help. My first logo didn’t “say” anything and I have wasted opportunities that way. ?

Create an intro and an outro that sounds like you and is not too long.

That's something I regretted not to do for my podcast at first. I did one myself, without getting music and it was not really perky or quite like me. When I launched season two, I created one with music and it felt much more like me and like something that people would recognize.

You can find inexpensive ones on platforms like Audiojungle.

Make sure you have a good mic.

If you can invest only a tiny bit, try to put the money in your mic. The sound quality is important and can be improved for cheap. Using a good camera for your computer allows you to get better sound than with the mic of the laptop.

Always use and make your guest use headphones as well to avoid echo.

Use an app that allows you to record the two voices on two separate files so you can edit more easily in case of trouble if someone cough over the voice of the other for example.

Learn how to use your editing software.

Garageband on Mac or Audacity can do wonders if you know how to use them.

Record at least 8 episodes before you launch.

Record an episode 0 that is a short intro about who you are, why they should listen to the show and what it will be about, its pace etc... Episode 0 tend to be listened to even when you reach episode 100.

It's really worth doing.

Launch 3 episodes at once. Your episode 0 and two normal episodes. People want to understand what you show is about and will often listen to more than one when they have the excitement of the launch.

Keep the others as buffers. It's really tough to keep recording and publishing regularly. Most podcasters stopped at 8 episodes. Life happens, holiday and sickness included. That is the thing that bit me bad when I started. Always running against the clock and missing the deadline because I had no buffer.

and to finish

Have fun, breathe before you start recording. Don't stop because "you hate your voice". We all do 😛

Some extra resources to learn about podcasting?


  • check out Pat Flynn. He's amazing and offer free resources and paid courses (have tried the free now only and it's great.)
  • If you're a woman, check out the She Podcast group on Facebook, one of the best you could join. Amazing community, great for tips, support and find guests. They also have courses (on my wishlist for now, but I've seen many raving about them)

Are you making full use of WordPress menu's options?

It's one thing people underuse a lot.

Wordpress menu screenshot

Wordpress menu links screenshot


You can also reorder pages or rename the title so that long titles don't clutter your WordPress menu.

Small tip, big freedom.


If you followed me on Instagram for a while, you know I am a long-term bullet-journalist (is that a word ?). I have used it to help me have more clarity. Used paired with my weekly review (GTD-style), it helps me see where I’m at in life and business, it helps me be more grounded.

Half of me thought I didn’t need to read the book as I knew the bullet journal method well but I thought even if I don’t learn anything, it’s a small way to THANK Ryder Carroll for the tool and community he created.

Well I was wrong. I haven’t finished yet, but already want to share... as I read I keep highlighting bits (see the images) because it is hitting home.
Bullet journal quote


It’s reconnecting me with WHY I use it and HOW I could deepen my relationship/use of it. It’s really in sync with where I want in life (can you see the word “bridge” in this image?!) and where I’m heading in 2019 (already picked my word for the year and it’s INTENTIONAL).

I feel I have used my bujo on automatic lately, taking it for granted. Of course, I made tweaks, but there were all details.
I will share soon how I am setting up my new bujo, going back to the core of the method for some bits and going deeper and with more meaning in my own relationship to what I write in it.
I can’t recommend the book enough, even for those who think their “bujojitsu” as Ryder said is already great.
If you want to buy it and use my affiliate link as a thank-you for the recommendation, you can buy through this link ?

if you want to chat about it, find here where I hang out online and let me know what you think!

[activecampaign form=15]I stumbled on Cheryl thanks to Tanya & Claire and I had straight away a business crush on her and knew I had to have her on the podcast.

After realizing that she couldn't get what her daughter wanted T-shirt-wise, she took matters into in her own hands and created a fun, colorful and positive range of t-shirts that let girls show their love of dinosaurs and pirates. Now she taking the mission even further and is launching a Kickstarter campaign to get a book out to challenge cliches and stereotypes around what boys and girls can do.






Cheryl Rickman is a business and well-being book author/ghostwriter, with 12 books published. YES YOU CAN is her first children’s book. Cheryl qualified as a Positive Psychology Practitioner in January 2017 and is an Ambassador for Let Clothes Be Clothes and The Network of Wellbeing and Founder of She lives in Hampshire with her daughter, husband and dog.

[bctt tweet="if you believe we need boys to feel free to cry and girls to feel free to climb trees... Listen to this #podcast episode" username="rightbraingeek"]


Kickstarter page for the book

T-shirt shop:

Cheryl Rickman website for her resilience and writing work:


Latest episodes on the website:

You may be surprised by this image but I love making pancakes and I feel that this meditative moment, making the batter, waiting while the pancake cooks, burning one in a while, helped me see business in a more relaxed and forgiving way.

[bctt tweet="Never thought business was like pancake making. Odd but true. you rely on a good batter before adding fancy toppings. #podcast" username="rightbraingeek"]

Listen to discover why.

Useful links:

- You can check Beth book on Amazon here

- To get the info about the upcoming 1-to-1 sessions and self-study course, please visit this page and put your name and email in the form below.

A really fun episode with two ladies whose business, values and style I simply adore.

When a personal trainer and a mindset coach with a similar outlook on life and similar humor start a new venture, it's a match made in heaven.

We get talking about body size norms, confidence, health, humor, values, setting up a tone in your business that is yours and how we should find new words for insults as they are too often linked to the Feminine.



These ladies lead by example and are ready to support you with health and mindset concern, starting with their first event (click here - early bird price till April 21st ).

You can also find these lovely ladies online here at Wise and Gorgeous or on Facebook with their "Inner circle" group.



[bctt tweet="Be kind to yourself. Stop the self-bullying & see what good it can do for your business #mindset #podcast" username="rightbraingeek"]

As creatives, healers, coaches, we tend to be sensitive people. We’ve got big hearts, we are eager to share and love.

If we were to see a mum shouting at her daughter, saying how crap her drawing is, how bad her singing is, that she shouldn’t try do this or that because she’s not good enough, we would be horrified.

With reason.

Weirdly enough, that’s what we do with ourselves every day.

We don’t dare putting our Thing out there because it’s not “good enough”, our voice is not good enough to be on a podcast, we are not pretty/smart/slim/young/old enough to make a video, do a keynote, launch that business.

We feel guilty of not doing that to-do list, we feel guilty of feeling overwhelmed, not doing enough for our family, our business.

As it’s been said by Danielle Laporte

Don’t let perfection become procrastination.

or as said during the Right brain video summit,

Done is better than perfect.

Aiming high is good as long as it doesn’t prevent you from doing things or get you disappointed with yourself.

Be kind to yourself

Be kind for yourself imageAccept that you are ok where you are, 
you’re on a journey, give yourself some love, see the child in a learning and growing process in yourself. 

Nurture that child and give yourself encouragement for those little bits you are doing great already and be gentle for what’s to be done.

Accept the bad days, the time flying quick, the mistakes. it’s a process, it’s not a deep flaw of yours. Mistakes don’t define who you are.

I know loving one-self is tough sometimes, but at least try to see yourself with a gentle smile and curiosity : “what is that person about to achieve ? I can’t wait to see that”. Because nothing happens if you keep breaking your momentum with harsh judgments. 

If you feel this post can be useful to someone, please share it. 

[bctt tweet="Be kind to yourself. Nothing happens if you keep breaking your momentum with harsh judgments. #business" username="rightbraingeek"]

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