If you followed me on Instagram for a while, you know I am a long-term bullet-journalist (is that a word ?). I have used it to help me have more clarity. Used paired with my weekly review (GTD-style), it helps me see where I’m at in life and business, it helps me be more grounded.

Half of me thought I didn’t need to read the book as I knew the bullet journal method well but I thought even if I don’t learn anything, it’s a small way to THANK Ryder Carroll for the tool and community he created.

Well I was wrong. I haven’t finished yet, but already want to share... as I read I keep highlighting bits (see the images) because it is hitting home.
Bullet journal quote


It’s reconnecting me with WHY I use it and HOW I could deepen my relationship/use of it. It’s really in sync with where I want in life (can you see the word “bridge” in this image?!) and where I’m heading in 2019 (already picked my word for the year and it’s INTENTIONAL).

I feel I have used my bujo on automatic lately, taking it for granted. Of course, I made tweaks, but there were all details.
I will share soon how I am setting up my new bujo, going back to the core of the method for some bits and going deeper and with more meaning in my own relationship to what I write in it.
I can’t recommend the book enough, even for those who think their “bujojitsu” as Ryder said is already great.
If you want to buy it and use my affiliate link as a thank-you for the recommendation, you can buy through this link https://amzn.to/2z3YK7o ?

if you want to chat about it, find here where I hang out online and let me know what you think!

You are stronger than you think.

I can never say it enough. 

Something I talked about privately and a bit on last podcast episode.

If you admire someone’s strength...

Don’t think you don’t have as much.

It’s just still wrapped within you to be unwrapped and used.

You are stronger than you think image

That’s why I call you Mighty ones because I see you and all that’s still undiscovered in yourself.

I love your spark, your beauty and the light of your soul. 

That’s why I serve you as a Tech VA

I want to be a little part of your story, of your biz adventure.

I don’t want you to be stuck and unable to achieve what your soul is calling to for a little Techy Gremlin that’s in your way.

[bctt tweet="It’s ok to be fearful, it’s ok to want to have someone else take care of it. You’re not weak. You put your energy in your strength. That’s clever if you ask me. " username="rightbraingeek"]?

Be in touch if you need help with WordPress and Tech. I have a few slots left this month!

If you like a bit of inspiration, I share this kind of thoughts on Insta regularly, I'm @rightbraingeek, come and connect!

Take this blog post as a little prompt to start a brainstorming session.

Let's dream about a day running smoother in your business...

a day running smoother

What if I could do my work with ease, clarity and peace?

  • What should disappear from my day to do that?
  • How would my day go?
  • What would I feel at the end of the day?

Because asking questions is often the 1st step toward the truth, the gate to your own world, I'll often ask some here.

Take a minute, a deep breathe, write down your answers.

Breathe deeply, close your eyes and anchor the feeling. that's going to be your compass for this journey.

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Let me know on twitter or via facebook.
I'm looking forward to reading you.
Have a gorgeous week.

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