Does your business feel like your favourite outfit?

Or do you feel like you’re swimming against the tide everyday?

Create your user manual

When everything feels hard and you have no one or nothing to lean on, running your biz is hard. You need a bit of resilience and a bit of self-awareness with a sprinkle of problem-solving to make your biz that much more enjoyable and efficient. I call this having your User Manual.

Join me in March for a special “Create your user Manual” experience.

From the 1st to the 21st of March, let's play Sherlock and discover what's in your way and how to make small improvements for big effects in your life.


If you follow me online, you must have read me say this: "I'm a resilient little bugger". 

I have to admit. I haven't always stuck to deadlines.

I haven't done all I wanted to do. But I kept my sanity and worked through many things.  
I share a lot online and in a way, I share nothing at all. 
When I start to share the silly adventures I've been up to, my friends face usually double down and the jaws drop.
They soon after ask "how did you manage to do that?! How did you do it?"
So observing how visibly that wasn't in everyone's resilience's toolbox, I have decided to lift the veil on what I have created and used the last few years to keep myself sane, survive and work through the uncertainty, the changes and the grief.

📖 Create your Usual manual 📖, aka boost your resilience in business. 😎

💔 There's been loss and grief, more than once.

🚙🗺Discovering new places all the time. Adapting every week or few days to a new place, new neighborhood, new people, new paces and house rules.

For someone that is a proper "nest" person, I was NOT planning on staying nomad 3 years, it just happened and it's been a learning curve.

In March, I want you to join me for 3 weeks to discover what could help YOU work through the motions.

- Week 1 we play Sherlock and find how to build your own tank. because you can't run for long on empty.
- Week2 we dig your biz foundations so you can lean on it instead of carrying it all. I believe in a biz that feels like your favourite outfit. There are many things that can be changed in your biz without costing you money to make things feel lighter and give you more clarity.
- Week 3, it's all about destroying obstacles, (or going round them) and warming up these resiliency muscles of yours.

I do more Live and answer your questions, sent in the group or privately and work on where you are stuck, on top of the various methods I have used myself.

Get every weekday a short exercise to do, more time for Q&A on the Wednesday and the weekend, a pdf to print out if you want to help with the exercise, live video from me with explanations and motivations and a FB group to share progress and get support as needed.

It's introspection and self-awareness, mixed with problem-solving and a fair amount of cartoon face (mine), kitchen dancing and other silliness. Because the exercise is not as dry and dark as it could sound.

Jump on for £51. ($66 & 60€)

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