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Do you find it a bit scary or confusing to go on Facebook, set-up a profile or chat in a group?

Do you know who can see what you're sharing ?

Have you been sharing private photos and info publicly without realizing?

The course will show you:

  • how to set-up your privacy properly,
  • use the classification of friends so you don't overshare,
  • understand the difference between business pages and personal profile,
  • how to link the two so you can connect to more clients,
  • how to spot if what you share in a group is visible to your friends or not,
  • find hidden messages in this "filtered" inbox you see everybody talking about in Facebook groups.

It's not that hard to understand. BUT Facebook doesn't make it OBVIOUS.

Let me be your friendly tour guide in Facebookland

I'll show you with explanations and screenshots where to check what's going on, how to set things up.

It's clear and simple.

No more feeling awkward because you are not sure about what-is-what in Facebook.

No more fear wondering who can see what.

No more waiting for answers or help. You can just get on with it.

No pain. The course will explain it in Plain English, and maybe some silly images. That's how I roll. You may even smile learning. How about that...

Add your details below and join us for a live edition of this course.


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