FAcebook group structuring

FAcebook groups are great to buiLd a community but they quickly get messy.
There are many ways to use a group: study group, mastermind, challenges... and more.

People, with reasons, have jumped on the opportunity as it is so easy to start a group. The problem is, it can be a bit of a blur and lots of noise once you join. People's attention span is limited and many can feel overwhelmed quickly.

Even searching in a group is not a reflex for most people.
A bit of structure can help your people feel at home, valued, relaxed and ready to take part of the experience you are creating. 
Welcome your people & take them by the hand.
When people pay for an offer, feeling taken care of goes a long way in how they feel about your program. It's not complicated to set-up but it requires a bit Sherlock work on what should go where.

That's what my brain is good at. People are always surprised how fast I find information or the angles I can find to synthesise information.

What to expect?

30mn interview to understand your business, your long-term goals, the aim of your group.

There's no one-fit-all here.

Facebook offers a few set-up we have to play with, and from what you tell me, I explain which one would help you best. 

Then I go and dive in your group to see what you may have missed (that's one of my gifts, my brain sees details and missing links).

I send you an email with a proposition of what I see would be useful for the group, you amend and validate, I get to work creating the structure in the group (It can be units, topics, documents which recap former livestreams or how-to videos to find things.) 

I can either do it as myself or as your page (which is better).

If more is needed, you can book a top up at $30 an hour or a pack of 3 at $80. If I use less, you can use the leftover once your group has more content. 
30mn interview to know you, your goals and your group better.
2hours of structuring work included
Give a framework for people to lean on and answer questions before they ask for them.
Make your content work longer by making it easy to find for your people.
Position yourself as the expert and the guide you are. 
Book your session for $120
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