Do you need help with WordPress?Feel at home in WordPress course

You have heard that WordPress is a fantastic tool, cheap to run, customizable in so many ways. So many templates to choose from.

You can blog, create landing pages, have a website...

BUT... Yes I can hear your BUT

  • You can't understand the logic of it
  • You don't know where to start
  • You have no time to always google your problem
  • You get frustrated by the complexity of it
  • You feel it's a scary Monster
  • You feel it would put you helpless in the hand of a web designer that will make you pay a hefty fee to change anything, even that typo you left the night before you launched your big project.

WordPress can be a big headache. I know. I've been there. Learning online, deciphering techy tutorials by techy people. Too often, you need a tutorial to understand the tutorial.

But it's not that hard when you get the concept and are guided through everything step by steps. Not just the steps but the logic behind this beast so it makes sense.

Trust me, I have used WordPress since its beginning, I have taught it to teenagers and seniors, artists and coaches.

You can do this (you may even have a smile or a giggle doing it.)

Imagine getting in a kitchen at a friend's, during a party.

I bet if she asks you to grab the butter, you'll go straight to the fridge. If she asks you for a spoon, you'll look into the drawers. I bet it wouldn't take you long to find the bin either...

Because you UNDERSTAND the logic of a kitchen. They are all different, but all the same.

Imagine feeling at ease the same way when you get into your WordPress site.

You know where to go, what to do. Isn't that a relief?

No need to ask anyone in Facebook groups anymore. or one of your loved ones.

You can pop here, check the menu and go to the lesson.

Be self-sufficient, don't waste time going through tough tutorials on Youtube.

You can feel at home in WordPress. 

I'm prepping a course that takes you from the very beginnings to feeling at home in the Dashboard. All the Fundamentals to use WordPress easily, safely, with the best practices from the pro, served with silly images and giggles.

I have listened to your pleas in Facebook groups, observed what people were struggling with, what people were asking me help for (yes, it's the beauty and superpower of being an introvert... we're good at observing 😉 ).

I have also asked my web designer friends what their clients struggled with and what they wish someone would teach them. Because I'm that geeky, I hang out with web designers. Top ones (yes, humble brag here. I'm so proud and grateful they let me learn from their awesomeness). I have learned so much from them and know what they recommend and value for healthy successful websites ready for growth.

When your business starts to flourish and you want to hire web designers and or web developers, ask me, I have a good address book in the field.


You will learn what is WordPress, how to use it, know the quick trick that makes it easy for people who know code to make a blog post prettier (and no need to write code for that, just need a good cheat sheet and some explanations.), how to connect it to your newsletter provider, how you can save yourself when the most usual problems happen and much more.

No more panic. No more feeling like it's too big for you. No more feeling like you have to ask stupid question in Facebook groups (for the record, there's not such thing as a stupid question)

The course will take you from the very beginning to using it the most relaxed way. (no membership site lesson yet, if it's what you are after, it's not the course for you)

Feel at home in WordPress course

Why should you trust me?

I have been learning code for more than a decade and used WordPress since its beginning for the last 17 years. I have been teaching it the last 5 years to people who are technophobes.

I know that most courses skip on the most basic but crucial concepts or require a course to understand the course. 

I know how stressful tech can be and I am always trying to find the funnier way, the quirkier image to make you understand things.

You can listen to my podcast episode where I explain why WordPress is like a Human here.

For more information and early-bird prices when the beta version of the course launch this spring, please put your email below.


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