July 2, 2017

Ep27 - Heart Whispers, Finding Joy & loving yourself with Suzie Cheel

Law of attraction, the importance of healing through Joy & Self-love


I love Suzie and her light. We get talking about her journey, how she used the Law of Attraction to heal herself, how she works on love and making it her mission to help people love themselves more.




Suzie Cheel is the Heart Whisperer, she opens hearts to heal and prosper. She is an Intuitive Artist, Transformational Coach, creator of the Heart Whisper Daily Guidance Oracle Cards, author of Emergings: A meditation on the Emotions of Change & the upcoming book “Lucky To Be Alive: How I Used the law of Attraction and the Power of Self-Love to Save My Life” I empower Heart Centred, Creative, Spiritual women who are ready to save their lives by letting go of the struggle, stopping the

She empowers Heart Centred, Creative, Spiritual women who are ready to save their lives by letting go of the struggle, stopping the self-sabotage, the procrastination and stepping onto a path of love, of healing that will bring them to their own knowing that they are enough, they are worthy and that the diamond that is within their heart is now ready to shine.



the quizz suziecheel.com/joy-quiz/



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