March 25, 2020

How do we ride chaos? One moment at a time.

I have known grief and loss and uncertainty all my life, in various ways.
I have seen how people react in all these situations.
The people you expect to be strong sometimes fall on their knees straight away, while the gentle one you were afraid for manages to work through everything. Or the one who holds the fort for everyone for years, out of the blue, after everybody else has grieved, crashed as they feel they can finally put the armor down.
? Don’t label yourself or anyone else or judge people in how much they seem to do or care right now. ?

Some work in the light, some work in private.
There are no right or wrong (apart not washing your hands, c’mon Dude. That’s gross and irresponsible.)
There are many more variations and ranges in how we respond to what’s happening.

? You can be calm, not worried about this virus and still apply all advice to flatten the curb.
? You can think it’s a conspiracy to impose a vaccine and still follow the advice to flatten the curb, because it is also accepting that we’re all in it together and that you’d rather be on the side of caution when making your decision.
? You can be strong for your loved ones and fall apart from your anxiety in the evening.
? You can rejoice the calm, the stillness and the renew of nature because pollution is decreasing.
? You can feel anxious for the economy more than the virus,
? You can feel all of these ⏫ at various times of the day.
? You can be the one holding the light one day and asking for help the day after.

There is no need to put pressure on yourself, or judge yourself.

??There are a lot of calls to be the leader and show up as a leader.
YES, if you have that in your bones, do it. We all need it. ??
If you can’t… It’s all ok. ?

? If you can only brace yourself to send a warm smile to a fellow Human in the shop, that may be your superhero gesture of the day, and that smile can have a big effect on the person. ☺️

? If you are the only person you can give love and care to, it’s ok too. Thank you for doing this, it’s one person that is taken care of.
??‍♀️If you go round checking on the elderly, your loved ones and people who cope less. Great! Thank you for being the helper so many needs.
? if you are the one that shares silly memes and pictures to keep our spirit up, thank you.

In these times, something is clear. We are all different, we react to things differently.
We are all connected though and all that we do impact the others.
In small and big ways.
Let’s be kind, even more to ourselves. ?
Treat yourself to an online meditation, a body checking, listen to Gregorian music (I know, it’s weird, I promise, it’s the ONLY thing with binaural beats that truly make my body calm down when the pressure starts to hit.)

? Life is not a short-film, it’s a long tv serie, with seasons and plot twists… We never know how many episodes we have, but it doesn’t stop us to watch.
If you want to get cracking with work, do it, if you need to create a staycation retreat, do it.

? If there’s something you need, comment below. Plenty of people around here, with various tools, knowledge, strength...

I’m prepping a blog article with tips for you that will be updated as I find more resources.

Much love and virtual hugs to you all.
??Thank you for being you.

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