You need a website, you've heard that WordPress is a great platform to use.

You don't know where to start. You are afraid of doing something wrong. It is all overwhelming and scary.

You would love to have your site set-up properly but the price tag of a fully designed site is too high for now. DIY is great for the budget but not for your nerves...

As an artist myself, I had to create a website for my online portfolio. I had to learn through costly trial and error, lots of time scouring the Internet for tons of various tutorials...

For the last 20 years, every year, I have learned something new to make my site better. As friends and relatives started to notice my geeky skills, my reputation started to bring me clients without looking for it.

Here's how I can help you.

How to install WordPress.

I have created an affordable package for artists and heart-based businesses in need of a professional site that doesn't cripple their budget, or creates costly mistakes.

The world needs what you have to offer, no reason not to start today.

Book today for $48 your peace of mind WordPress install.

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Why is this WordPress install service so cheap?

- I only install WordPress and set-it up.

I offer you 3 options of hosting to use.

They are companies I trust and know the interface.
It's a win-win:
  • You can be assured they are the best for you depending on your budget,
  • I don't waste time finding my bearing in a new interface or struggling with bad customer service if I need an info.
  • I get extra cash as you use my affiliate link.

I don't have to spend time researching or creating design options.

It's a technical support service. I know it well, I don't need a lot of input or revision from you. I can do this fast.

Design and customization are what takes time and so what costs money.

I take care of the technical set-up. You have the right plugins to start, a simple clean looking site.

You can start launching your dream and building your list.

Your WordPress site is safely installed, you can focus on creating content, connecting with your audience.

Once you have money coming, you can update the design, all the core work is done.

Working with WordPress is a big plus for you. Here's why:

Once your site is set-up, changing its design is like changing suit for a man.

Basically, you have

  • a skeleton (WordPress)
  • then you add the muscles (your content)
  • and finally, you put ligaments to do more with your content (plugins)
  • and you put a suit on (theme).

For you, I install WordPress and set up things, add muscles and ligaments.

As for the suit, I use the pre-installed theme that is given with WordPress. It's responsive and clean.

It's a pret-a-porter suit, not Couture. I don't do customization.

It allows you to start straight away to focus on creating content, connecting with your audience and gathering emails for your list.

Once the ground work is done, changing theme is just as easy as dressing up in the morning. So if later you want to invest in a really high-end site, you only need to get a high-end theme or get a designer to create one for you.

All the foundations will be there so you won't have to redo it all.

  • I insert Google Analytics (and create your account if you haven't one already)
  • I install the following plugins
    • Yoast SEO (important for tracking things)
    • Worldfence for safety
    • Redirection
    • Broken links (both useful to check you are not losing traffic with misspelled links or deleted pages that create 404pages.)
    • Coming soon plugin so you can start gathering emails while prepping the rest of the site behind the curtain
    • Contact form 7 - you need people to be able to be in touch with you.

For an extra $22, I can connect your site to your email newsletter software (Convertkit, Mailchimp, Active campaign)

If you want to get started with your site, book me and let's get you online.

If you have questions, or if you already have hosting and/or domain name, please be in touch.

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