My values and how I think my business


  • My compass in life is being kind, useful.
  • Learning is crucial in my life. I can sacrifice lots of things but not the opportunity to learn. One of the reason I absolutely love the Internet.
  • I love diving in tech problems and learning. That tickles my brain and makes me feel alive.
  • I love brainstormingsolving problems, looking for solutions. It's exciting. Like being Sherlock Holmes. Without the pipe. I don't smoke. I'm resilient and learnt how to bounce back, find work-around problems. I remind myself to keep that state of mind every day.
  • I think business should be wholesome : bringing healthy profits without damaging your health.
  • I'm an advocate of self-care in business, a lover of routines, apps and things helping the medicine go down.
  • I refuse to think artists and creative right-brainers can't master techy stuff.
  • My aim is to make people's day run smoother.
  • I swap tech-fear and dread for fun and empowerment. My clients reclaim ownership of their digital home (aka website).
  • I love helping creatives get social online and taking care of themselves.
  • I'm not afraid of being silly with quirky comparisons to people understand what they need to do.
  • I'm a right-brain geek, I think with images but techy stuff make me zone out like meditation.
  • I value sharing, kindness, patience and fun to empower people with their tech.
  • I believe hugs are often the best medecine
  • Never judge someone situation. Life is hard and you never know what battle they fought or are fighting. Respect every body's pain.


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In my home, here in the comments and on social media

  • everybody is welcome
  • we read with attention, love, compassion
  • we understand that not everybody has the same thinking, logic, values, ways of being stuck
  • we offer empathy before we offer solutions
  • we respect our pains
  • we don't judge others or ourselves
  • we accept that where we're at is where we should be, on a journey
  • we like to share and support the community
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