I'm a geek make-up artist on a mission to help creatives & their business flourish with an increased sense of ease.

Even though I'm a creative person, working in a creative industry, being the child of an engineer and an accountant, I've grown up loving systems and technology. I have to confess, I've actually grown up being obsessed with systems : I love trying apps, I can't help but seeing how a different furniture or home organization would change the effectiveness of my friends when I visit them. I believe a good and personalized system is key to freedom and creativity.

I'm a freelancer and an entrepreneur. Juggling the stress and all the things I need to do require a set of tools and a specific mindset.

As I was participating in the Right brain video summit this year, doing as well more visualization exercises and chatting with my my roommate insisting I should be coaching (as I was helping her and numerous friends getting a routine and an organization that was good for them), I finally realized it : all those things I took for granted because they have been in me for so long were not THAT easy or natural.

As systems and helping people are the two things that come easily to me and that I love doing, something had to be done.

That's how Roots for creativity was born.

In this place,

  • everybody is welcome
  • we read with attention, love, compassion
  • we understand that not everybody has the same thinking, logic, values, ways of being stuck
  • we offer empathy before we offer solutions
  • we respect our pains
  • we don't judge others or ourselves
  • we accept that where we're at is where we should be, on a journey
  • we like to share and support the community

If you are

  • a fab right-brain who is eager to express its Truth and share its gifts to the World
  • struggle with details-oriented actions-plan and spreadsheets
  • feel lost and confused in front of the day-to-day challenges and to-do list, or  the amount of info coming your way
  • feel like you're drowning under mundane tasks and want to use your time better without being a "productivity junkie"

You'll feel home here.

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On top of that, if you

  • don't like selling but want to live from your art
  • feel lonely in your creative world and entrepreneurial adventure
  • wants more inspiration and support within a community of like-minded people

I highly recommend the  Right brain business plan from Jennifer Lee.  Its vocabulary will be used here, and it's an awesome resource.

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