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Creative resilience is my super power, as well as talking techy stuff without the techy lingo. I have learned the hard way my energy is limited and how to cope. 

I have some deep values that govern my life and business, kindness being at the core of it.

You are in the right place if you are

  • a creative and sensitive solopreneur or small business, eager to do well but challenged and confused by tech
  • you're trying to make sense of all the info you've picked but can't put together the pieces of the puzzle to do the thing.

Maybe you also are

  • a busy Mom trying to get work done at home while having TinyHumans around
  • or taking care of a disabled or ill parent 


I can help and you're going to be really happy you found me.

What I speak about

With the blog and podcast, you get tips and inspiration to take care of yourself again, know how to use tech to help you run your business with ease.

Thanks again and see you soon on Periscope !

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