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Welcome Mighty Ones

The Right-Brain Geek podcast is for you,

creative, socially-conscious & purpose-driven individuals.


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You can build a business around your purpose, a business that both supports your cause & allows you to make a living. 

You can set-up your business despite not loving tech,  you can make a living helping solving big problems & supporting a cause. 

You just need a bit of guidance and inspiration when things get hard. That's where the podcast comes in.

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With every episode, I hope you can get inspired to have

a business that feels good, is profitable & aligned with your values.

You can feel good, look good & be safe in your business.

Create your business that it feels like your favorite outfit, lift you up instead of draining you down.

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My guests

 They have built or are building their business around their values.

They are trying to make an impact on the world.

They may have overcome challenges, doubts, failures.

They share their tips and views on the journey, what helped them,
their mistakes, the things they learned to do differently.

Their share their view on self-care when you don't have a boss to tell you to go home.

They share what tech they have befriended and use to support their work


I also share in solo episodes my own thoughts and experiences.

You’re not on your own to decipher this new world of tech and business.
I’m here to support you.

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