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I love speaking about self-care, apps, automate behind the scenes to remove frictions...

Some examples of angles & topics :

  • resilience. All these things that helps you bounce back.
  • self-care for solopreneur. Rituals, hacks and habits to feel good in your business, fill your own tank because you can't thrive on empty.
  • how social media can help you build a business and connect with your perfect client, the one you enjoy serving.
  • how you can go round limitations in your biz to work with more ease, whatever is in your way (kitchentop biz, Boostrapping, Work at home parents...)
  • what WordPress is and why is a great tool to use to create your website.
  • the tools that you can use to establish a nice workflow for your business.
  • how a small meditation app put my life back on track



Pascale is a multi-passionate solopreneur, an advocate of self-care in business, lover of routines, apps & things helping the medicine go down. When she’s not on film-sets doing hair and make-up, she’s a tech & business facilitator, explaining tech and business in plain English and the host of the Right-Brain Geek podcast.


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