Roadmap sessions

Keen to get started online but tech gets you sweaty? Totally confused by the lingo you hear and close to giving up setting up your online business?

Deep breath. A roadmap session is all you need to get sorted.

This is NOT business coaching, it’s tech mapping for people who are developing their online presence and need a bit of guidance with all these marketing tools.
I’m your support wheels on your first bike so to speak. 
I see funnels and your all online presence like a way to introduce yourself, and get closer and closer to your right people, till you're properly hugging and enjoying a fruitful exchange of energy aka you selling them your services.  

Working online is a fabulous thing once it's rolling but before that you need to help your people find you: create the breadcrumbs that leads to your buy button. That's what we work on together, make sure there's enough breadcrumbs to go from the wave to the final hug.

Pick your option

15mn Express
Sometimes, when you start, every penny you invest matters. Every bit of time has well. 
If you are tight, the pay-what-you-want option helps you start with the minimum and give you a breather to relax and get a clear view on what to focus on.
It's 15mn, usually a couple questions answered and you can start a bit more grounded. 

Full Service
The full service is 150€, which includes a 20mn call, a customised assessment done on my own after our call with what works already, what needs to be changed or created, the tasks and tools needed to get you where you want to be. 
You get a list of recommendations & tips and you can implement yourself, pass to your VA or hire me to do if that's within my area of expertise.

Full package

You, me, 20mn of interview and a clear roadmap sent to you afterwards.

15mn  Roadmap express

No-guilt pay-what-you-want call to get you started or back on track.
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