April 22, 2015

Silence is gold

We are so busy in our life, we are constantly overwhelmed by sounds, by the noise online, by other people needs. We rarely stay in silence anymore.

When was the last time you stop and listen to the silence?

silence is gold

Really listen? what do you feel? Are your business and life going where you want? Do you feel like you keep bumping into the same glass wall while you work?

Do you carry unwanted baggage? Do you really want to keep those items, those responsibilities,  those roles in your life?

Rushing in life makes us do things through mindless habits. Reclaim your life, connect to your inner compass one silence at a time.

[bctt tweet= "Silence is a beautiful thing, it's where you can meet yourself." via @rightbraingeek]

It can be scary, hence why so many people hate it.

[bctt tweet= "Turn the noise off to tune in with yourself, even for 5mn, it's precious."]

Use this time to journal, meditate, be in your own body.

Connect with yourself and check if you are living your life in a way that is in line with your ultimate life goals.

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