Do you know what to do when you sit at your desk, ready to get work done? Or are you overwhelmed and hesitating?

Do you find yourself typing the same info to clients again and again or struggling to go through the motions?

Does working in your business feel like wearing your favorite outfit?

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Nobody like a pair of trousers that irritates your skin or that shirt that never sits right and always make you think the button is going to go and show more boobs than you would like. 

Weirdly enough, we let our business do this to us.

Too busy doing the work, too overwhelmed by the number of possibilities, we can't see what could help.




Should I take a VA? Which software would help me better?

Many questions and a lot of stress and pain that could be avoided.

Let me help you. Let's make your behind the scenes all smooth and savvy.

Why does it matter if I'm messy behind the scenes?

Because your client can experience it from their point of view.

Think about it.

- The cosy factor (for them)

When you welcome them in your world, you want to make it cosy for them. It's nice to feel
taken care of, welcomed warmly isn't it when you arrive somewhere...

A nice word, a lovely thank you video, a thoughtful message at the right-time...

>> No need to hard sell when your potential client feels valued and in a relationship, not a transaction.

- The make-it easy factor (for them)
Is it easy for them to contact you, to book an appointment, to communicate with you? Do you have all the info they need ready for them to consult before they ask for it (Make them feel like you are a mind reader...)

Less useless typing. Instead, you have better-crafted answers to regular questions that you use over and over. You don't miss opportunities on the day you are tired and forgot something.

>> More money in the bank.

- The good looks factor (for you)
The way you make business, your ethics, the quality of your communication make an impression on your potential client. Better make a great impact than a "Meh, not sure I can trust them".

Having your business set-up in a way that makes interacting and working with you frictionless show you in the best light. 

You have your contracts in order, you take less time to create the work because you have templates to work through, you have a clear way of managing tasks for your VA to follow. Nothing is forgotten, all is tracked and under control.

Your clients are amazed that you take care of them effortlessly, focusing on them instead of the details of the how to work with them.

>> Less stress, more efficiency.

- The sanity factor (for you)
When you have the right tools for YOU (not for your neighbour or for your biz besties. They may be lovely but everybody's brain is wired differently and every business has a different need.), working is easier. You know what you should be working on and you do only what is REALLY needed.
Even on a limited budget you can lighten your workload thanks to a good app or make your apps talk together so you don't have to type in 3 places the same info.
Value your time and brain power, use them for your best work, not to remember things you don't need to worry about or search for information in your computer.

Having a system that grabs all your tasks and appointments will make you a lot of good.

>> Less worry, more energy!

Are you getting excited? I AM!





If you feel you're always busy and don't have time to do what you are craving to do (creative work, quality time with your loved ones),  know you should be doing (strategy, outreach, prospecting...) or not making enough progress in your business, you certainly have time leaks that could be fixed.

I bet you know the saying "so much to do, so little time" a bit too well...

Instead of creating and enjoying being your own boss, you find yourself

  • getting anxious,
  • dreading the number of things you have to do
  • thinking social media is a painful and useless chore
  • missing opportunities
  • getting penalties because you've lost that oh-so-important paper
  • wondering where to start with a website and that list building everyone is talking about
  • feeling you are damaging your relationship for a business that may not be worth it.

I hear you. When you're not familiar with the techy stuff, when everything on your list is something you need to learn or pay someone to do, it feels like running your business is a losing battle.

You need to check if everything is in place to optimise your time.

Let's flip your look on a system: systems are just like roots for you and your business. They help you do your work, nourish your work, help it stand against the wind.

If you were going to draw a sketch, you wouldn't get frazzled by the view of paper, pens and pencils would you? though it IS a system, a set of tools to help you do your thing.

A good system adapts to you. You shouldn't feel it's here some well fitted underpants. (yes I have just written "underpants" in a page, not even sorry about it. Didn't you know I am not afraid of quirky/silly images to get you understand what I mean? Well I guess now you know)

Don't think "systems don't work for me". Even if you tried to set one before, I can promise this: it didn't work for you because you tried (or someone made you try) something that wasn't RIGHT for you.
Even when something is amazing for a billion of entrepreneurs doesn't mean it's what YOU need.

[bctt tweet="You are unique. The way you think & create, the money & tools you have= unique workflow." username="rightbraingeek"]

That's why my smooth and savvy foundations start by YOU. I listen to what you do, how you do it, offer solutions THEN we put them in place and adjust as we go.

A good system should look good on you.

The way you work, interact with your clients, how you use social media or set your website: they all tell your story. They attract your perfect clients or push them away. They attract your perfect clients or push them away.


A good system takes care of your whole world: physically, on your laptop, online.

Obviously, we will find a way of tracking your to do's, but it's not all about that.

You have papers coming your way, books, magazines that come to you that need to be taken care of. Big goals to keep in view, values that need to shine through. Digital files sent to you or to your team.

It's all one big Beast that we will turn into a cuddly puppy. (yes there may be some hiccups in the potty training of this puppy but guess what? I can help sort it out.)

How do we set smooth and savvy foundations for your business?

During our session, I ask

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Payment plans available for all offers.

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