Solo episode today

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I talk about

- why I call you Mighty ones,

- why "hustle" didn't resonate and how that was preventing me to grab the phone and send emails as much as I should have.

- why using the future tense is a way to never reach your goal

- how renaming my budget and my budget categories make me smile and budget better.



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Pascale is helping spiritual and heart-based businesses start and grow their business with the right tech and the right mindset, even on a small budget. The guests on the podcast show you how they do it, share their tips and stories to inspire you.

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As creatives, healers, coaches, we tend to be sensitive people. We’ve got big hearts, we are eager to share and love.

If we were to see a mum shouting at her daughter, saying how crap her drawing is, how bad her singing is, that she shouldn’t try do this or that because she’s not good enough, we would be horrified.

With reason.

Weirdly enough, that’s what we do with ourselves every day.

We don’t dare putting our Thing out there because it’s not “good enough”, our voice is not good enough to be on a podcast, we are not pretty/smart/slim/young/old enough to make a video, do a keynote, launch that business.

We feel guilty of not doing that to-do list, we feel guilty of feeling overwhelmed, not doing enough for our family, our business.

As it’s been said by Danielle Laporte

Don’t let perfection become procrastination.

or as said during the Right brain video summit,

Done is better than perfect.

Aiming high is good as long as it doesn’t prevent you from doing things or get you disappointed with yourself.

Be kind to yourself

Be kind for yourself imageAccept that you are ok where you are, 
you’re on a journey, give yourself some love, see the child in a learning and growing process in yourself. 

Nurture that child and give yourself encouragement for those little bits you are doing great already and be gentle for what’s to be done.

Accept the bad days, the time flying quick, the mistakes. it’s a process, it’s not a deep flaw of yours. Mistakes don’t define who you are.

I know loving one-self is tough sometimes, but at least try to see yourself with a gentle smile and curiosity : “what is that person about to achieve ? I can’t wait to see that”. Because nothing happens if you keep breaking your momentum with harsh judgments. 

If you feel this post can be useful to someone, please share it. 

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[The Right-Brain geek podcast was called Roots for creativity podcast in the first episodes. ]

It's a solo episode. I wanted to talk about something that is really dear to my heart.

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EP 6 - Start where you are.

Lots of people are really frustrated. I can see in so many facebook groups, people feel they are stuck because they don't have enough time, because they are working (full time) and they try to launch their business on the side.
They have families or someone they have to take care of. Time is very limited.
or maybe resources are limited. It takes money to launch a business, everybody says it. So they feel they can't feel they can't do anything.

It's really heartbreaking.

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But for that, you have to be patient, kind with yourself and to be clever and use all the magic from the internet.
Start where you are. It's ok, you're doing fine. There are lots of ways to work on your business even with limited resources and limited time. I share some in this episode.
Our little Ritual:
[Deep breath. In. Out. ]

Start where you are.

The best way to start anything is to look up to people who are successful and are doing business in a way that vibes with you.

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Observing is really precious if you can't afford a big course.

Watch their Youtube videos. Observe. Try to get inspired. Don't copy what they're doing. Just get inspired and think;

  • how can I have this kind of process ?
  • how can I share a connection with my clients ?
  • how can I share my content and create my own thing ?

Show notes

Lots of good apps you can use to help you out.

I share lots of them on my resources page, I'll talk about them on the podcast.
I'll talk soon about Zapier, it's one of my favorite app. It gives you some time back.

Apps I talk about from the podcast:

[one-half-first]To get organised

Asana and Trello.

Mailchimp for a newsletter

Letterspace and Google keep to take notes

[one-half]To create courses


My Facebook FREE course

Tara Gentile Build a stand out business on Creative Live

*Bari Tessler and her Art of Money (The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness)


Fearless launching and Little voice big business

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Have a glorious week. Thank you so much for listening.

I was on a bad mood the other day after waking up with a massive headache.
I was walking briskly to the post office and saw two kids playing on their way to school.
Hearing this loud and pure laughter was like being blind by the sunlight after being in the dark.



It instantly dissolved my bad mood.

I savored their joy like a gift, accepting the life it carried, the care-free spirit of pure imagination of 2 boys running and playing Cowboys & Indians : Creativity at its best.

It's said that holding a gratitude journal is one way to happiness.

For me, it's also a way to stay grounded, observant, and to catch those little gems.
I was reminded that day that you don't need anything but yourself to be happy.

It's not always easy, but it's at my finger tips and getting easier as I practice.

And you?

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