Dreaming of a wholesome soulful business that makes an impact on the world that allows you to live with financial peace of mind?

Eager to start your business online but in need of a helping hand?

Exhausted and losing clarity? Feeling like the little things take too much time and prevent you from the profitable & deep work?

Tempted to throw through the window your computer after hours of trying to set-up your website?

When you run a business, there are too many things to learn, to do at once.
Let me help.

I am your Tech & WordPress facilitator.

VA services, WordPress done for you services and private lessonsI am here to give you a headstart so you can focus on what matters, your work.

If you need someone to get the details right and start making progress, I'm your gal.

I've been a freelancer for 18years. I love apps and tech but know how to translate it in non-techy ways. I love silly metaphor to make you smile when facing a tech problem. (Fair warning: some light cursing and/or Frenglish can occur, I am French after all. Sensitive ears beware.)

I have some deep values that govern my life and business, kindness being at the core of it.

You are in the right place if you are

  • a creative and sensitive solopreneur or small business, eager to do well but challenged and confused by tech. My clients include artists, healers, coaches... I love seeing how they bloom online sharing their light.
  • trying to implement all the info you've found but you find yourself drowning and overloaded. 

Where to start to build your wholesome soulful business.

1- You have a pressing problem and need a solution fast? Let's work together

I love apps and websites. I love explaining with silly images. I love playing Sherlock to find out what's not working or how to solve a problem.

Here are a few things I can help you with:

  • Set-up & maintain your website with WordPress and teach you how to use it (working with Skype/Zoom and Whatsapp)
  • Put in place apps and system for a smoother workflow
  • Create and optimize your social media profiles
  • Make sure your privacy settings are as you want them on Facebook
  • Put in place all the tech behind launching a podcast
  • Break down your strategy into tasks and templates in Asana
  • Website & onboarding audit
  • ... more to come



WordPress one-to-one tuition sessions and VA work are at £35.

Advanced work (like website audit/creation and full set-up of customised systems) is charged at £120 an hour. I establish a specific quote that is tailored to you so you can decide beforehand on what we focus.

Book a free consult below and ask me your questions.

As I'm French and English is not my first language, I don't create copy. You wouldn't want any odd Frenchglism mishaps, would you?
If you want help creating or reviewing written content, I can put you in touch with people who can help.

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2 - You prefer to work at your own pace and learn yourself.

Check out the courses here.

I'm adding more courses in the next few weeks and months, be sure to subscribe to the Playbook to learn about them.

3 - You don't know where to start or don't want to invest straight away.

Listen & subscribe to the podcast for information and inspiration, read the blog to start implementing small actions and building your wholesome soulful business.

You can also follow me on Instagram where I share tips and inspiration as well as behind the scenes.


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