Lots of ideas? A big dream and a beautiful heart?

Keen to make an impact but the tech is stopping you?

LEt's Change that.

hi I'm Pascale, I am here to tech you up, structure your ideas and deal with the details of your business tech.
I know you see tech as this annoying Gremlin. It may even feel like the Nemesis that is there to stop you in your track.

Chances are, you can’t deal with all that stuff that “needs to be put in a timeline with a specific order” because you think more in a mindmap kind of way so you need a little help herding your (biz)cats and maybe even giving you a bit of a loving ass-kicking at times to remind you what you do, in which order and why you do it.
Set-up right, tech is your wing-man, and a part of your self-care tools.

If tech is scary and feel like a heavy weight... Time to drop it.

I don't mean quit. 
I mean it's time to call for help, drop the heavy weight, take a deep breath and start fresh with someone who cares about your well being and how sustainable your business can be.
My credo is building a business for you that feels like your favourite outfit.
You are unique. Your dreams, your lifestyle, your energy levels, your brain are as well. 
When we work together, that's always top of mind for me. 

What working together looks like?

Plan & set-up

Website, email list or back-end system. 
All starts with a 
roadmap session.

AUDIT & Review

I put my Sherlock Holmes hat & check everything works as expected.


I help in your Facebook group, manage your content & digital assets for example and keep momentum going.

Courses & workshops

Learn at your own pace or with the momentum of a group experience
It's a container 
- where you feel heard, supported, understood, 
- where you know I have your best interests at heart
- where you know you can feel safe and taken care of with the vulnerable parts of your business behind the scenes

I'll ask questions. 
I'll change as much as needed the way I explain things so you can understand what I do.
I may send loving ass-kicking prompts to keep you moving forward (that's for my regular clients, they love it.). 
You gain clarity and peace of mind.
Tools I use already and can support you with straight away:
Asana, Trello, Clickup, Todoist, Slack, Lastpass, Googledrive, Zoom, Stripe, Paypal, Convertkit, Mailchimp, Zapier, WordPress, Teachable, Membervault, Youtube, Facebook (and Facebook group community support).
Being a geek means I'm always happy to learn new tools and it's quite easy and enjoyable for me.  If you are using other tools or platforms, don't let that stop you. Book your call and see how I can help you anyway. 

Book your FREE discovery call today

This is the best way to see if I can help you and if we are a good fit.
I'll ask you a few questions, you'll ask me what's on your mind regarding working together and I'll explain the next steps if you want us to start working together.

I'll offer various VA packages and website creation options depending on your needs.  

The roadmap session is usually the next step when you need to create a website, review your website or set-up your project management system.(see below)
Book your discovery call

Keen to get started straight away ? 

Get 4hours of work, let's figure out together what you need as we go for £99 / $124 / 112€ (roughly. payment in dollars).
It's cheaper than my usual set-up/strategy hours fee ( £140 / $175 / €160 for 4 hours ) and let us just get on with anything coming our way to get us started straight away.

Pay with card

Roadmap sessions

If you are lost and don't know where to start, a roadmap session is your starter point.
These sessions will help you understand which technical steps you need to take, depending where you are right now and where you want to be: what is the minimum necessary, what would be nice to have and all the little technical pebbles along the way you don't want to trip over, avoiding wasting money and time on unnecessary shiny objects & anxiety meltdown.

It's also the first step to map out what you will need for your website (in that case, the amount paid for the session will be deducted from the full website invoice.) or your funnel.

I offer a mini session as pay-as-you-can for people in a tight situation. 

Your options

I have your back. We take it where you are. We make a plan for the next TECH steps.


15mn chat
Quick call when you hit a wall.
Pay what you want
really. I mean it


45mn chat
+ the recording of our chat
+ Plan of what's needed


45mn chat
+ the recording of our chat
+ Plan of what's needed
+ 3hrs of implementation
+ 4hrs a month for an extra 88€
for the next 3 months
once then 88€ a month for 3month
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