You are about to launch your website or you have already but you are not sure to have everything done as should be ?

If you don't like tech speak and are confused with leadingpages, landing pages, website and aren't sure what to set-up when...

Launch like a pro

I have the perfect kit for you.

the Launch online like a pro guide and its companion checklist.

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You will learn:

  • how to start building your list even if your site isn't set-up
  • the details that make your new subscriber get to know you more and make the process looks more polished
  • what you need to set up your website
  • what requires a good bit of money, what can be done straight away
  • things to remember when setting up your social media profiles
  • what things to prep before getting a designer for your website.

In the Weekly Mulch, I'll regularly send you articles and audio pieces so you can

reclaim your online presence, set a productive workflow, put self-care back in your priorities.
We will

  • discover where the points of friction are, what's draining your energy, what's missing to stop that leak.
  • find how to remove the culprits
  • put in place simple tools and rituals that work FOR YOU, making your day run smoother.

Less stress, more time, your creativity will bloom.

 I can't wait to send you those bite-size infos to implement and see all the greatness that will follow.

Other free resources for you

My favorites tools, apps and resources (regularly updated).

I also pin tons of resources for you on Pinterest. Worth a look and a follow if I dare say so myself.

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I hate spam. I value our new-born relationship, so be assured I will keep your email address safe and won't share it.

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